S is for Sunrise

It's Monday and the letter is S in the A-to-Z Challenge.  My theme - lobster boat names in Maine and a poem to go with each.  Visit more great A to Z posts by clicking on the tab above.  Over 1700 bloggers are participating, so I know there will be something in the list that will be your cup of tea.  Of course, I'd love to have you keep coming back here too...maybe even sign up to follow my posts!

Sun dancer
Sunrise skimmer of waters blue
Ocean’s deep water sprite
Bouncing off white caps
Happily hopping from crest to crest
Seaworthy butterfly flitting from buoy to buoy
Busy and bright as a bobbing sunbeam

Stephanie G.

"Stephanie G."
I'll soon bring out traps
And buoys and moors
To drop overboard
And dot these Maine shores.
Educational Somethings:

Shorts: lobsters that are too short to keep and sell; the carapace is less than 31/4" long measured from the rear of the eye socket to the rear of the main shell, or carapace.

Sternman: The person on a lobster boat that empties, baits, and drops traps back in the water.

Soft Shell or “Shedder”: A lobster who has recently molted.  They have less meat, but the meat is easier to get at since the shell is easier to break open.


  1. i love that yellow color--guess that's why the name huh :)

    1. Yes, I loved this color, too. Happy Crab is another one that has a great cheerful color!

  2. What a lovely poem, Donna. Will visit again soon for more!

    1. Thanks, Fran! Enjoyed reading your tips today!

  3. Hi Donna! I'm glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment so I could find your blog. I like the theme of Maine here! My husband's ancestors came over from Scotland in the 1600's and settled in Maine. There are still Gowen's there I believe. If they had all stayed put then we'd be living in Maine right now eating fresh lobster. Yum!

    1. Yes, there are Gowens around. Seems I knew one in high school...or a McGowen perhaps. I have ties to Scotland also with Newfoundland in between! Can hardly wait for lobster days again!

  4. I really enjoyed these, Donna.

    1. Thanks, Catherine! I enjoyed your Earth Day post.

  5. Great first poem and I love a yellow boat called Sunrise!

  6. Sunrises are nice, but sunsets are easier because you don't have to drag your tired body out of bed to see them!

  7. I love the 'seaworthy butterfly', bet that Captain would like this poem!

    1. I've wondered what they might think of "their" poems! I'll have to bestow one sometime and see the reaction...they aren't necessarily "poetry" kind of people...but when it's about their boat, that can change everything!


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