R is for Reel n Roll

Today is the letter R for the A to Z Challenge.  The first two pictures are ones I did not take, but was given to use for this challenge by a local high school student who also does lobstering.

"Reel n Roll"

Reel n Roll

and weave
land we leave
chug out to sea
helm turned alee

and reel
bow and keel
dance on the wave
its rhythm we crave

to moor
end of chore
a lowery sky
bad weather is nigh

"Robin A. II"

"Robin A. II"

I'll fly o'er the swells
Through white caps and foam
And blast through a gale
To moor safe at home.

the sea
crashing waves
the bow;
the wind
rushing, whipping
 the churning sea;
the threatening
we are safely


Educational Retreat:

Roe = also called coral because of its red color.  It's found in the female lobsters only, as it is the unfertilized eggs.

Races - Did you know we have lobster boat races?  Exciting as NASCAR!  And there are quite a few spread out over the summer and the coast.   If you happen to be in the neighborhood, try to catch a glimpse of one. Click on Races to find out when and where they are happening in Maine.

And here is a bit of lobster boat racing:

The prayer before the Lobster Boat Races:

"May God in Heaven
fulfill abundantly the prayers
which are pronounced over you
and your boats and equipment
on the occasion of the Blessing of the Fleet.
God bless your going out and coming in;
The Lord be with you at home
and on the water.
May he accompany you when you start on your many journeys:
May he fill your traps abundantly as a reward for your labor;
And may he bring you all safely in,
when you turn your boats homeward
to shore
to your friends
and family once again....


  1. I don't like the name "Reel n Roll" so much for the boat, but I like the poem. Well, except for "alee;" it seems strange right there. I know you need the syllable, but it comes out "Ali" when I read it, which just doesn't work in my mind.

    1. Ha! I may have to rethink that one! The pronunciation is correct, and I thought the stress was right. In my mind it is. What if I took out the "to"?

  2. Actually, reading it without the "to" put it in the right rhythm for me but with the "to" back in. I guess I just really have to make myself read it with the chop chop rhythm of the waves, then it sounds fine.

    1. Well, I decided that "to alee" didn't make sense even though I wanted the syllable - too bad, so sad for me! I took it out and that's that! And now I'm happy. Thanks for pointing that out! Really!!!

  3. I love this poem! I don't even know what alee means :) I'd probably put helm turned free

    1. Alee means turned away from the wind or weather. "(adv.) On or toward the lee, or the side away from the wind; the opposite of aweather. The helm of a ship is alee when pressed close to the lee side." Hope this helps. It's all nautical talk!

  4. Hey Donna, I like all the poems and the prayer too, but really love 1 & 3, this is an excellent theme, very original.

    1. Thanks! It's been a fun theme. Just need a Z now!

  5. Awesome post! I loved the poems. Oh, and I so want to jump into one of those pictures.

    1. Ha! It would be fun to jump into some pictures wouldn't it?

  6. I'm just stopping by to let you know I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Hop on over to my site to check it out. :) http://heidimannan.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks, Heidi! That was very nice of you. I'll have to answer the questions on Monday, but I will do that! There are some I'll have to think about...

  7. Nice to see three, Donna, but I don't see how they can use those names. Are they always supposed to be females, or just a tradition? I especially like the Robin poem, nice & tight!

    1. It's a tradition, not a requirement. I think the older lobstermen stick closer to tradition.

  8. Ewww, I'm not a lobster eater to begin with and it grosses me out just to watch my boyfriend devouring one. But I never knew the red stuff was unfertilized eggs, now I'm even more grossed out.

    Have fun with a-z.

    1. Oh, have I got a video for you on Monday! T for trap is the educational treat...


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