First Sunday in April

I am posting for the A to Z Challenge every day this month, except Sundays.  I don't post on Sundays anyway, but I do schedule posts ahead for Sundays.  So here's a new poem for Sunday, an unalphabetically inclined post!  And it's not even lobstering.  But it is a Maine thing - wild turkeys.  Monday though, it's back to lobster boats.  So enjoy the interloping turkey interlude.

Look at me, I'm a turkey,
A turkey so proud;
I gibble and gabble
And gobble out loud.

To further impress,
Tail feathers I'll spread;
My head has turned blue
My wattle is red.

I look pretty fine!
Don't be looking at him!
I'm big and have shine -
Turkeys shouldn't be slim!

I'm a pretty good strutter;
     Please, don't ask me to fly.
          Okay, maybe later
                 I'll be catching your eye.

By the by, I can fly,
I really know how;
I just don't happen 
to want to right now!

Seventeen turkeys came strutting across our "lawn" last week.  There were three males.  The dominant male is seen in the picture fully puffed out.  The other almost puffy one attempted a face off with him, but backed down.  The third male wasn't even attempting a display!  The hens didn't seem too impressed with anyone in particular though.
We saw them last spring and a few other times over the summer.  There were 16 at that time.  Don't know where they picked up the extra, but it is very difficult to count them as they browse through the trees and leaves, brown on brown.

Tomorrow, the letter G!  I was so relieved to find a G name.  It wasn't easy; I thought I'd have to fudge on it!  I still don't have U, X and Z!  Still cruising around the neighborhoods for those elusive letters.


  1. I suppose they are here in Colorado, but have never seen them. In Missouri, I saw them regularly, in neighborhoods with wooded areas & in the woods, of course. Fun to see the poem about them, & interesting that you seem to think they are still together, not gone from some predator or other. Good luck on the u, x & z!

  2. lovely sight and awesome poem :)


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