E is for (Kelsey) & Emily

Good grief!  It is also Poetry Friday!  I almost forgot this morning!  And I forgot to mention it here.  So click on the Poetry Friday link on the side or click here to go to more poetry links.

Each day in April, except for Sundays, we are challenged to write on a topic that begins with the letter of the day.  Because it is also Poetry Month, I have chosen, for the second year in a row, to write a poem a day.  Sunday will have a poem related to the topic, but not assigned a letter.  Click on the AtoZ Challenge tab above and visit more bloggers participating in this alphabetically challenging month!

My topic is Maine Lobster Boat Names...with a Trawler or two thrown in for missing letters.  Photos are all taken by me, of boats on the coast here in Maine.  They are mostly on land, as this is where they are parked for the winter awaiting warmer days and lobsters to return from deeper waters.
Okay...so far I can't find an E all by itself.  Boats are named for a daughter and wife, or two daughters, or a mother and wife...two special women in the fisherman's life.  So, since this boat has &; between the names, I felt it totally within my rights as a - I felt it totally within my rights anyway, to just switch the names around for my purposes here!  Unless, of course, I find an nice E name shortly, in which case I will adapt this page.
But for now it is E is for Emily.

And now for the second fudging that I warned you about earlier.  This is not a lobster boat.  It's a shrimp trawler.  The gear on the trawler is different to accommodate the netting.  Some lobstermen will rig their boats to fish shrimp in the winter months when they aren't lobstering.

"Kelsey & Emily"
Trawling for Maine shrimp
The sweetest around
Dragging the bottom
To net what's on ground.

The catch has been light
Less money to earn
But maybe next trip
There'll be a good turn.


Behind green drapes
Legs and eyes
Wait for the


Educational Endeavor:
egger = A berried female lobster (berried means she's carrying eggs).
Maine Shrimp Meat
Maine Shrimp Industry 2013

Shrimp Life Cycle

Male or Female?


  1. I don't know that I've ever had Maine shrimp.

  2. Great post, thanks!

    Drop by to see my Animal Spirit Guides posts.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'll check in shortly!

  3. I learned two things from your one fact, love it. If I ever visit Maine, you'll have to show me around :)

    1. You should try to give Maine a visit sometime. We have summer on July 4th...sometimes the 6th.

  4. Clever topic - thanks for sharing! Great voice in so few lines.
    Also, I learned a new word: egger. Well, two: berried, as well. :0)

  5. I didn't know there were Maine shrimp either, Donna. Lots of learning if we 'fish' for it! I like that 'behind green drapes'.

  6. Gee, I have never heard of Maine shrimp... :)


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