C is for Crystal Gale

"Crystal Gale"
You've towed me to Maine
I'm new in this range
And not only that
I'll have a name change.

Before I set out
Across the new water
I'll bear precious names
Of wife and of daughter.

"Cecily K."
reflections of
a name -
all things dear -
matters of the heart
taken with you

Education Corner ~

Lobstermen often name their boats after their wife and daughter, mother and wife, or two daughters, thus the two names on many boats.

The Crystal Gale was purchased in another state and will be undergoing a name change when she hits the water the first of May. 

The sides or capes at the mouth of a river, channel, harbor, or bay are chops.

A lobster is a crustacean.

A lobster missing one or both claws is a cull.

The minimum legal size for a lobster is 3 1/4 inches in carapace-length, which is from the eye socket to the beginning of the tail.  Shorts are thrown back into the water.


  1. I think Crystal Gale is actually a clever name for a boat.

  2. very lovely--and great name---when i was a kid, one of my best friends had her dad's sailboat named after her--i was so jealous ;)

  3. How fitting that Crystal Gale is replaced with another C name. Thanks for the info on the naming. Now I'll pass that along when I visit Maine and we see a boat with two names. I'll sound so smart.

  4. Cool concept!

    Thanks for your comment in my blog. I started following you because I love poetry. I write them once in a while, too. Great blog!

    From A to Z Challenge,
    Sonnia J. Kemmer

  5. Didn't know that bit about boat names, pretty awesome!

  6. Why the name change, Donna? I love that you're giving information about the boating & fishing. I don't know much of any of it. I like both, that "matters of the heart/taken with you" is lovely.

    1. Crystal Gale were the names important to the previous owner. The new owner bought her this fall with her old name, and she will be renamed for his wife and daughter now. He told me the names and now I can't remember them! Deborah Amanda? I'll have to swing by when they've painted and before May 1 when it goes in the water.

  7. romantic really, and fun little facts I just learned! Thanks for visiting me as well.

  8. Crystal Gale is a nice name and a neat poem, I like the change in style on the second one too.

  9. Interesting facts about naming boats. Now I would like to have one but there is no place to sail nearby. Nice poems!


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