Shadows of Spring!

It's Spring! Can you see it?

We had another nice big snowstorm on Tuesday.  It was a beautiful storm that I woke up to, having slept in the living room sitting pretty much upright.  And slept isn't quite the word for what I did.  I was having some back problems brought on by my fall a week ago, on top of riding in the car on rough roads on Monday.   I just had trouble lying down.  So I was up until around 2 am, tried the bed, got up and tried the chair with pillow under my chin to keep my head from tilting forward.  (No one took pictures of that.) It worked off and on until about 7:30 that morning.  And in the light, I could see the gorgeous snow coming down.  It looked like we already had about 4 to 6 inches.

All day yesterday and into the night it continued to snow.
This morning we awoke to a sunny day with branches softly carrying their balls of cold cotton.

The icy fingers of winter haven't yet quite loosed their grip!
But this cold and wintry morning will melt soon.
I'm already seeing snow fall from warming branches, though it's a mere 21 degrees outside.

Shadows of Spring
Oh, you sharp shards of ice -

swords hanging ominously over our heads -

you will flee by this afternoon!

Run away, winter!

A more powerful spring

is approaching!

Can you see her shadow?


  1. Hi Donna! Abbey told me about your blog, just joined. Love your writing! Also, have been voting for you in the "thinkkidthink" competition. :) I'll add you to my blogroll.

    1. Welcome to my humble blog, Meg! Popped on over to your blog and loved the poisonous bunnies! I think I'd stick with the less expensive, non-poisonous pink bunnies...I think they live in Florida with the flamingos.

  2. I am shivering in the bright sun today! :). When I look at your pictures I am struck by the beauty that surrounds you. I have never lived where Winter means days of cold and snow. So for you I DO see Spring in the shadows. "Run away, Winter!" May it be so.

    1. Love March snows! They may dump a lot on you, but they melt much more quickly in this bright and longer-lasting sun!

  3. When spring started today, I watched snow fall lightly to the ground. I wish that spring would arrive a bit faster. I like that you appreciate the beauty of March snowstorms.
    I hope that your back recovers soon.

    1. Aspirin and remedies for back and spring snow!

  4. We have snow on its way, & perhaps rain tomorrow, first. We can really use the rain. Your photos are gorgeous & I am envious. The poem's great in its voice, especially. I wonder if from last year and this we could gather all the poems about welcoming spring, saying goodbye to winter, etc. I 'think' there are quite a lot! Sorry for the back issues-hope they 'flee' with winter!

  5. Run away winter, indeed! We had snow again on Monday....let's hope it's the last of it. Although, those photographs are stunning!

  6. It is beautiful, but so are new green leaves and spring bulbs blooming. :D I need winter to go away!

  7. I love the way the first and last pictures illustrate the title of your post, Donna! The contrast between sunshine/blue sky at the tops of the pictures and the shadowy snow on the bottom is the perfect image for this time of year! We don't have snow on the ground right now, but there were flurries this afternoon, and it's still really cold. I hope spring comes soon!

  8. I was afraid there would be consequences to that fall. What a perfect blend of your words and photos, both are gorgeous. Those shards of ice look deadly.


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