Waking to Cello-pained

Such ice this morning!  So loud it woke the dog and then me...
She (the dog) was barking fiercely, so probably the plow came in and sanded our hill early.  I just checked, and schools are closed today.  It is quite an unpleasant weather day.  It is still dark, so I don't really know what has transpired out there, but it is SO noisy!  We don't have outside lights in our neck of the woods, so I can't see what it is doing out there.  I know that is foreign to some people, but we like living out where there are no street lights.  The stars are much nicer that way!

Manic Morning

Such knocking
I'm rocking
Waking to cello-pained
Window panes
Rhythmic glass
Ice enmasse
Window's tattling
Sleet is battling
Weather's shattering
Making me
Insane -
With noisy,
iced-up rain!

We may lose power at some point due to heavy branches on power lines, or someone hitting a pole sliding on the icy roads (heaven forbid!).  With that thought in mind, I have been up since 5:21, turned up the heat so the house won't cool down as much, and brewed coffee!  Okay!  I'm all fine for whatever it is rattling my house!  Turn up the lights out there and let me see!

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  1. Your poem captured the sights and sounds of your morning so eloquently. Isn't living in New England grand? I too woke to an icy mess this morning, with wind howling across the lake and into my home. Here in Massachusetts we received more sleet than snow but still made for a tricky walk to the car. Enjoy your day off!

  2. Love this: "Rhythmic glass/Ice enmasse" And hope you keep the electricity!

  3. It sounds like we have the same weather...


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