Friday's Ferocious

I have a few lines for this.  I'm asking for more today, and next Friday I'll assemble/compose!

So far, and in no particular order (especially not in poetic order yet!):
Buffy S: "ferocious women who never bring you coffee" created from refrigerator magnet poetry

Donna S: "always leave a wild song" - created from refrigerator magnet poetry
Linda B: "dreaming women do art in poetry" - from her pile of poetry blocks
Buffy S: "where wizards and wolves rush by in a blur of green and gold and gray" - patched together from Kate Dicamillo's Where Are You Going Baby Lincoln
Kay: "Ignore the awful times, and concentrate on the good ones." from Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five
Linda M: "waking the world to a new day"
Margaret S: "Steam that climbs like smoke from a fire" - this was in the comments the first week, and I'm not sure if it is a comment or a line... but I'm using it! 
Carol V: "Fearless women reach out, connect, and find joy in life's intertwined moments."
Connecting the word "fearless" that April had used last week.
Tabatha Y: "little chest to put the Alive in" - Emily Dickinson
Joy: "wear loose clothing and a smile" - from a thought and some connections
Jan GA:  "I feel like there should be more stories out there for girls, and I try to tell them." - a quote from Hope Larson from the book COMICS CONFIDENTIAL.
Mary Lee H: "Ferocious women do not exaggerate." - from Mary Oliver's UPSTREAM on page 109, "I do not exaggerate."
Brenda H: "Make a ferocious dinner than eats masks, drips truth and saves softness for dessert."
Keri L: "radical at their core" from an excerpt in an ad in Guns & Ammo"!
Kiesha S: "ferocious women would rather drink the wind" - a line from Mary Oliver's (Why I Wake Early) titled "The Arrowhead"
Diane M: "out of endurance, exaltation" - a line from the poem "Monadnock" by Robert Francis.

As a refresher, here are excerpts from the background post:
Buffy Silverman posted some refrigerator poetry she and her daughter did, and one line caught her attention as she was editing her composition.

I, too, liked the sound of that line and decided to do something with it - though not sure what.  Then this morning I came up with a think.  She left out "who", but I'm going back to her original line from her poem:

My think was to add to it, like a progressive poem.
Only maybe using pre-packaged words.  Refrigerator magnets, words from a page on a book, words on book titles... whatever.  Just show the source of your words you used.  Found stuff!

Here's mine:

Ferocious women who never bring you coffee
always leave a wild song...
If you have an interest and a bunch of words somewhere... I'll be asking for more lines to add to this. What else do these ferocious women do to sweeten our lives?  It will be a kind of list poem.

Hope you can join in for a bold, hopeful, joyous Poem Potpourri!
Just name your source, and send your line enclosed in quotes in the comments today, and all week.  I will list the lines next Friday.  Then, given those lines, I will "assemble" a poem by Poetry Friday on January 27 - I hope!

What else would these "ferocious women" do, not do, like, say, read, make, create, etc.?

Note: If any lines don't make sense grammatically when I want to assemble the poem I may make slight adjustments for tense or form.

Ferocious women who never bring you coffee
Always leave a wild song;

  Have a Ferocious day! 
Between the ferocious acts
when your ferocity slacks
visit Keri Recommends
where rhythm with rhyme blends -
Relax, enjoy the fun
'Cause poetry's number one.
Aha!  There it is - poem number 13!
Have a sweet day!

Next Friday, I will share the wonderful postcards I've received over the last couple of weeks!

*A poetic note.  I have just had Potpoetic Epiphany (Saturday).
You may read about it here if you are here now. So go there or here you can read what's there.


  1. My quote is from Emily D, since I am sharing something of hers (and Lew Turco's) today. Ferocious women keep a "little chest to put the Alive in" (not sure whether I want the "little" or not... waffling on that)

    1. Thanks for playing, Tabatha! You can let me know if you want "little" taken out. I'm famous for letting Michelle Barnes know at the very last minute of a change in any poem of mine she's posting...she expects it now!! I'm a waffling wonder!

    2. Thinking about it, I actually do like "little," because I picture a chest that is about the size of a heart, a bit of protection and shelter, or perhaps a treasure chest. (Not sure what Emily had in mind!)

  2. Donna, I like the idea of this. Here's my contribution "wear loose clothing and a smile." As I was thinking about it, I was trying to dig deeper and thought "eats persimmons with a smile." Someone has a persimmon poem posted today--but I must have liked that idea of smiling and it has me going with a poem of my own using a trailing line "and a smile." So now I'm thinking of all the things women do that they don't like-- with a smile.
    Thank you, thank you.

    1. Love the way ideas bop around and find niches! Thanks for adding a line! Persimmons...I don't believe I've ever eaten one - with or without a smile. Must make a note of that for future "things to do".

  3. An evolving poem-how much fun! Can you use this line that I sent you last Friday? "April was using the word fearless that I would like to borrow for one of your lines: Fearless women reach out, connect, and find joy in life's intertwined moments." It connects to my OLW, joy!

    1. Oh, yes! Thanks, I left that one out! That's partly why I listed them so far... I was sure to leave someone out. Sorry it was you, Carol! I added it in to the ones I received prior to today.

  4. Neat idea! This line I'm submitting is quoted in the n.f. book COMICS CONFIDENTIAL in an interview conducted by Leonard S. Marcus with graphic novelist HOPE LARSON. Hope Larson says : "I feel like there should be more stories out there for girls, and I try to tell them."

    from jan/bookseedstudio

  5. I thought I gave you one line from my little poetry blocks, but have forgotten. I'll get out the magnets to see what I can do, Donna."ferocious women who never bring you coffee" is filled with history I think. Thanks for the challenge!

    1. Yes, Linda, yours is there! Thanks! Send another if you like though!

  6. Although I am not offering a line, I can't wait to see what becomes of this collaboration. (Maybe I will be braver next time!)

    1. Well if you decide to be "ferocious" later, put a line in the comments this week!

  7. I can't wait to see what takes shape!

  8. I love this whole project! I think the knitting of lines is going to be the toughest but most interesting part. Can't wait to see what happens.

    1. I've begun the knitting of lines... fun colors and textures!

  9. Make a ferocious dinner than eats masks, drips truth and saves softness for dessert.

  10. I love this so much.

    I opened Mary Oliver's UPSTREAM (which has been living at the kitchen table beside me for a month now, ready to invite me in for a minute or two between this task or that meal) to a random spread. On page 109, I found her sentence, "I do not exaggerate."

    So my offering is, Ferocious women do not exaggerate.

    Can't wait to see how this turns out!

    Peace and Unity in Poetry,
    Mary Lee

    1. Got it! Thanks!
      This has been amazing! I'm so psyched!

  11. I just grabbed the closest magazine (which is Mark's Guns & Ammo!) -- the line is from an ad "Two decades of radical science at its core" so what about "radical at their core"?

    1. Sounds radical! Got it! I'll have to look for that ad... we must have that magazine here, too!

  12. Donna, I found a line from Mary Oliver's (Why I Wake Early) titled "The Arrowhead" It goes like this..."I would rather drink the wind,..." So my offering is, Ferocious women would rather drink the wind. Thanks for the invitation! Can't wait to see how it goes!

  13. What a fun project, I look forward to reading the result. If it's not too late, here's a line from a poem by Robert Francis called "Monadnock":
    Out of endurance, exaltation.


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