Poem on a Tuesday

It is getting late for posting, but I promised myself I would reach 365 poems this year - maybe not all posted online, but 365 in my files.

Here's number 10 (and I will have 10 more in my files after this one)!
Today it was cold and clear out.  It's supposed to warm up a bit for tomorrow and maybe we'll get some rain.  On the coast we often get rain mixed with snow, which then freezes nice and solid, though chunky.

My sister-in-law just fell on the ice and broke her leg.  Today is pin setting day for her.  Metal is being installed in her leg today to help strengthen her tibia.  I guess back a number of years that kind of a break would make it so someone limped forever after that.  Or I suppose even losing the leg could have been the outcome.  It is so wonderful that now we can have most maladies and injuries remedied fairly well, if not perfectly.

So I guess this should be a winter and ice kind of poem today.  Let's see if it is.

Winter Wilderness

Icy mountaintops
Snow draped vales, frosty valleys
Echo snowflake sighs

Donna JT Smith
Number 10

Yes, it is.


  1. Donna, this poem of yours could be offered to my new gallery, #WinterWonder17??? What do you think of pairing it with one of your icy photos (I'll never forget the one that fell on your head-oouch!)? I'd love to showcase one of your offerings.

    1. With all the ice on the walkways lately, I was just telling someone about that giant chunk of ice and my narrow escape - well, almost escape anyway! I'll check out my photos and see what I have.


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