Sat-today and Thought

What a strange feeling.  My husband has just retired, for real.  Phones and email for business shut down.  No more travel each week to Rhode Island for a couple of days.  That has been going on for years.  I'd accompanied him on a few trips down after my retirement.  This would be the last "company" trip. On Wednesday, I went down for a quiet dinner at the Capitol Grille in Providence with the company's ad agency. 

We said our good-byes to the staff at the hotel where he always stays.  They left a gift in our room while we were out for dinner.  They know us fairly well now, and I think I'll miss having these "strangers" as friends.  Our drive down was leisurely, but the drive back home was even more leisurely.  We had a wonderful time and caught up with our son to have supper at home.

Now we find ourselves deciding what to do.  We have plenty to do.  We need to get the  house we're in ready to sell this spring.  We need to pare down to move into our smaller home, Gull Haven, that we have been having renovated/restored over the past 5 years.  We spied it quite by accident on a coastal trip looking at another house.  It has required a lot of work, as it was standing vacant for many years.  It seems to be a much happier house - soon to be home - now. 

Since the house is in a nice location with quite a nice ocean view, and it actually has a bathroom and heating system; we are hoping that the taxes won't make it impossible for a retired couple to reside there.  If it is too expensive, we will just sell and move on.  But for this summer...we are ON the ocean.  Oh, yeah.

Our little yellow house by the sea.  New roof is going on, kitchen being done, needs a gable end trim and new front steps and mud room in back.  We are getting there.  If the winter stays mild, we will be all set!

Haiku 7


Weathering weathers,
Seasoning seasons with joy
Retiring untired.

Donna JT Smith


  1. I can't wait, can you? What a sweet post, and the haiku is just right, Donna! By the ocean, sounds like heaven! Here's an Irish blessing I just put on my post for tomorrow: "May you have warm words on a cool evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door."


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