Tuesday Haiku 3

I'm writing a haiku or poem a day for the year.  That's what I've committed to anyway!

Remember, if you see one here, there is an unpublished one - that is hopefully better than the one you are reading (that's the plan) - in my files, for my "Book". (Yup, there's another one in my files...written on the road today.)

I'm late publishing today, but still - so far, so good!  If I write 2 a day, I will have... um... more than 365 poems in a year...  730?  Whoa!  That's possible??

Time to get on the road today - heading for a small get-together retirement dinner for my husband.
Side mirror in the rain

Haiku #3

A Ride in the Car

Traveling afar
Rainlight glistens on the car
Cruising with my star.

Donna JT Smith, January 3, 2017

See you tomorrow!


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