Dissident in the Midst

Haiku Number 11 is at the end, if you make it that far.

I love you all, but I just thought you should know; there's a dissident in your midst. I know I am not the only one.  We rarely speak out.

I've listened to, or perhaps rather, read lots of posts and comments lately about politics and related depression, sadness, apprehension, fear, etc.

I need to say something - something that will probably offend, but no more so than I've been offended lately.

I am tired of having people speak as if the world as we know it is coming to an end, and assuming that everyone thinks the way they are thinking.  People who think as I do are not at the ready to fight or put down others with differing opinions, and thus, we are not only not heard, but are invisible to those who are belittling our choices, decisions and intentions.
I am intimidated by the outspokenness and intolerance of many around me, by the very people who would say we all need to embrace diversity, uphold freedom of speech, and drop prejudices.

I don't need one more person to tell me that I am an idiot for voting for my candidate.  There were other quiet, intelligent Americans who voted that way, too. I said nothing 8 years ago when I was more than a tad concerned.

I just want to say, please stop. I thought this was a friendly, thoughtful community of writers and teachers.  I thought it was a safe environment.  I don't feel that way now. I am apprehensive each time I open a new post to read.  I am reticent to write.

Can we not just get together on this and show our students how a democracy works, how voting works, how we put our shoulders square and get back to the job of making our nation work? Do we have to keep undermining? Keep calling names?  What are we teaching our youth about not getting our own way?

Can't we just COEXIST, as I see on so many car bumper stickers - except mine?  I prefer to actually do it than have people read it.

My negative rant is done, I guess. I am just so stinkin' tired of having everyone assume I'm thinking what you're thinking, when I'm not.

Haiku 11
A Dissident in the Midst

Making known my choice
With a tremor, a lone voice;
What's to fear or lose?

Donna JT Smith, January 11, 2017
I love you all, 
I just thought 
you should know;
there's a dissident 
in your midst. 
I am not the only one.  
We rarely speak out.

The comments on this may explain why.
I hope not.  Please be kind.  
I don't often write defensively,
let alone offensively.


  1. Donna, I hear you. Obviously our country is not at its high point right now, and I understand (and often share) the fears I hear about. But that's not an excuse for shaming others for their considered, careful choices.
    I simply won't tolerate speech or actions that express hate for anyone, whether it's someone of a different race or religion, or someone who voted unpopularly.
    You may be dissident, but you're not alone.


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