There is nothing remarkable about this image, except that there are no shadows.  Shadows make all the difference in how we see things.

Using ColorSnap, I see this morning's winter palette...

Sun filtered morning
Rays grayed out, shadows dispersed
No highlights, no depth

Looking out my window as I write, I realize that the long shadows of trees are not stretching out before me.  They are still in bed, I guess, waiting for the sun to wake them.
I have just talked my way into my second haiku for my file... ding.  So far, I'm on track for an unpublished poem a day.  They are mostly haiku, and I try to make them somehow about the day or what I've noticed that day.  I'm also trying to remember to write a quick note with it as to my inspiration for it and taking a picture if that works, but doesn't always lend itself to doing this.

Hope you are thinking about joining in this ferocious challenge. There are some pretty fierce lines that have been submitted to manipulate into a poem.  I was going to do one poem, but suddenly had the thought "Why not anyone and everyone?"  So it is open and I am excited to see what others come up with.  I have a couple of tweaks to my poem, and I think I'm done.  I tried doing it as lines came in, but that isn't the best way!

The easiest way is to copy and paste the lines into a document... then manipulate away!
Have a blast!
Save your poem.  Post the poem and the credit lines (just as seen below) on your site on Friday.  Please don't forget to post the credits, as some lines are directly from other authors, AND people will want to see if they can find the references to lines in your poem, I'm sure!

If you choose to accept this assignment/challenge, here are the guidelines:
  1. You may break the given lines up into phrases, esp. if the line is broken into prepositional phrases.  
  2. A word used in a line may be repeated elsewhere as needed.
  3. You may add or change articles (a, an, the...).
  4. You may change tenses, as necessary for meaning.  
  5. If you haven't added a line to the poem, you may not add one now. Others won't have it in their pile of phrases to use - so it won't really be as intriguing.
  6. However, if you can create a brand new line using individual words from the given lines, feel free! Do not do that for the whole poem though - that may be another challenge on another day! 
  7. Phrases should still be identifiable even though the whole line may not be in one unit still. (for example: "ignore the awful times" may be used in one place and "concentrate on the good ones" may be in another place).  
  8. Remember, these are only guidelines, as it IS poetry and we ARE poets...
  9. Rules are meant to be broken.
  10. You may make your own rules if you don't like these - and that way you aren't breaking a rule.
  11. You need to use ALL the submitted lines in some way.
  12. Please copy and paste the list of participants and their lines in your blog so that each is credited, along with some of their sources for the lines!
  13. Link up here on that day also for potential extra traffic to your poem!
  14. There is no 14.  I just didn't want to stop on 13.

This is the part to copy and paste into your post next Friday:

Here are the Poem Potpourri lines for use in a each of our grand ferocious poems:
  1. Buffy S: "ferocious women who never bring you coffee" - refrigerator magnetic poetry
  2. Donna S (me): "always leave a wild song" - refrigerator magnetic poetry
  3. Linda B: "dreaming women do art in poetry" - from her pile of poetry blocks
  4. Buffy S: "where wizards and wolves rush by in a blur of green and gold and gray" - patched together from Kate Dicamillo's Where Are You Going Baby Lincoln
  5. Kay: "ignore the awful times, and concentrate on the good ones" from Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five
  6. Linda M: "waking the world to a new day"
  7. Margaret S: "steam that climbs like smoke from a fire" - this was in the comments the first week, and I'm not sure if it is a comment or a line... but I'm using it! 
  8. Carol V: "fearless women reach out, connect, and find joy in life's intertwined moments" - Connecting the word "fearless" that April had used last week.
  9. Tabatha Y: "little chest to put the Alive in" - Emily Dickinson
  10. Joy: "wear loose clothing and a smile" - from a thought and some connections
  11. Jan GA:  "I feel like there should be more stories out there for girls, and I try to tell them" - a quote from Hope Larson from the book COMICS CONFIDENTIAL.
  12. Mary Lee H: "ferocious women do not exaggerate" - from Mary Oliver's UPSTREAM on page 109, "I do not exaggerate."
  13. Brenda H: "make a ferocious dinner that eats masks, drips truth and saves softness for dessert"
  14. Keri L: "radical at their core" from her husband's magazine, "Guns & Ammo"
  15. Kiesha S: "ferocious women would rather drink the wind" - a line from Mary Oliver's (Why I Wake Early) titled "The Arrowhead"
  16. Diane M:"Out of endurance, exaltation" - a line from the poem "Monadnock" by Robert Francis. 


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