Friday, April 29, 2011

Unos for Birdware Aisle 3

One more day of mandatory poetry for me.
I wonder how living life unrhymed will be.
We'll see...

This poem has no type
So there is no hype
I can make up a name
I suppose.

Let's call it a Smidget
Or a Two Rhyme Widget
But if that sounds too tame
I dunnose.

We could get refined
And call it some kind
Of name that isn't so lame-
An UnProse?

Oh, I really don't know
I guess we'll just go
With some type of a game -
Like Unos...

Birdware Aisle 3

Tiring day, still much to do;
It would be so nice
As I write this slice
To be home.

But instead I am sitting
In a hardware store
With my foot that's sore
Propped up.

We'll buy seeds and a feeder
So the birds eat free
As it hangs from a tree
Where I'll watch.

Let's get this show on the road
Install that feeder
Close to the cedar
Work will wait.


  1. Te he! I think you are in rhyme time, and might not let go, or just be slow, about it! Your clever wording, Donna, astounds me every time. You are so good at those twists and turns of the rhyming/rhythmic structure of poetry that I am trying too, but I have a lot of work to do to 'get' anywhere near. Thanks for being my writing buddy this month. I appreciate all your comments, & look forward certainly to more. One more time for April, of course.

  2. You have been an inspiration this month. I loved reading all your poetry. Maybe next year I'll have to try it too!


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