Wednesday Post 798

This is post 798!
I will hit 800 posts probably on Friday!  It's exciting.  I'm aiming for 1000 by the last day of the year.  Is that even possible?  How many days into 2016 are we anyway?  Do I have 200 days left to do this?  Let me check.

Okay, Siri says, "There are 241 days until then."  So, yes, in theory and days I have enough time.  That will mean I can take off 34 Sundays and miss a couple more days and still make it.

My other goal is to be moved into Gull Haven in Friendship by the end of the year.  And while I'm at it, I may as well be going for achieving my weight goal.  It is going to be a busy year.

I think I will start a poem here and finish over the next two or three days.  Don't know when it will end.  Then when it does, maybe I'll start another one that is also in daily stanza doses.  It will make for an interesting way to build a poem - kind of a progressive poem, only by stanza?
I'll try it anyway.  Nothing to lose, maybe - except sleep and weight.

Here's the first one:


May all days be filled with wonder
May the weeks be laughter driven
May each wind be ever gentle
And may grace to all be given

Happy beginning of May!

Happy real birthday, daughter!


  1. Wonderful to hear about these "almost" 800 posts. It's been a lovely time reading nearly all of them, and seeing what you're doing way back east in Maine. I hope you do get into Gull Haven by the end of the year!


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