My Azalea - I Promised

I promised to feature some pictures of my backyard, neglected azalea yesterday.  Here she is!
You can see the pot it is still in, and how it leans to grab some sun.
It looked delighted that I took pictures of her.  So though she is not in my front yard where she rightly belongs (she doesn't realize that still we, and the UPS and FedEx guys are the only ones to see who would see her in the front yard anyway, as we aren't exactly on a heavily traveled road...), I actually can see her all day every day, all seasons, from where I sit to write.  So in fact, she gets much more viewing time than she would in the front yard!  She has been one of the most delightful surprises I've ever been gifted.
Portrait of Miss Azalea

Azalea's a sweetheart.
Never complains;
She weathers the storms
Rejoicing in rains. 

 Though Rose may be sweet
Bringing others to tears;
I'm awaiting Azalea
As spring sun appears.

One day she's asleep
White cloaked with snowflakes;
Next time as you peek
 Zaly yawns and awakes.

She's held on to leaves
Darkened against snow
Until it is time
To put on her glow.

Translucent and light
No longer concealed;
Delightful and delicate
Her beauty revealed.

Fine feathered flowers
Of lavender petals
Filter the sunlight
As a pink halo settles;

And I am smiling,
Miss Azalea in view,
As she waits in the pines 
For each fresh morning dew. 

by Donna JT Smith



  1. I've never had an azalea, and your "Zaly" is lovely. Nice that you can see her every day out our writing window! Enjoy the day, Donna.

  2. Beautiful. Mom used to grow those, but I didn't pay much attention to her horticultural ways. They're beautiful and I love that poem.

  3. Your azalea looks just like my rhododendron. :-) Of course, they are cousins. Is that beauty in a pot? She's remarkable if she winters well in a pot.


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