May Days

Today is the third day of May, three days past the end of the A to Z Challenge.  It is difficult just stopping, but it is also good to have a change of pace for a bit.  I made it through the month of April, posting a poem a day with vanity plates as my theme for A to Z.  I was sick for two weeks, and it made it difficult to post some days, but I got it done.  However, it meant that I didn't get to visit other sites as much as I would have liked. I'm going to try to make up for it this month.  So my posting may be lower, but my visiting will be higher.  I am feeling much better now.

I have also been visiting my daughter and her family, and been away from home for a few extra days without my computer.  I'm working on either my iPhone or my iPad to post.  And unfortunately, when I am in edit mode, it doesn't like to scroll down to the bottom of a page easily, so the past few days haven't been the easiest of blogging days.

May 3.  It's the day before my daughter's birthday - a day between two false alarms and her actual birth.  No false alarm that day, but the doctor wanted me to stay the day before (May2).  He'd decided I'd be induced, since it was my second trip into the hospital.  I refused, and went home.  So she could have been born on May 2 and would have been a day old on May 3.  Instead she was born on May 4.  Every beginning of May I think about how hectic and strange those first few days of May were back 33 years ago - how she was almost born on the 1st and then the 2nd, but held out until the 4th, to be born naturally with my regular midwife (not the one on duty), in the same room with the brass bed with yellow rose covered sheets as her brother had been born in two years earlier.

May Days

May's knocking gently,
Waking winter's sleepyheads;
Last call for breakfast!

I've had a good stay, and today we head home again.  We celebrated her birthday early - on May 1 - one of the days she could have been born, but decided against.


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! My sister's birthday was yesterday and mine is at the end of the month--it's a good month for birthdays. :) (In my husband's and my immediate families, there are 15 May birthdays--just about every other day.)

    1. That's a lot of cakes in one month! Happy birthday, Faith!


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