Poetry Friday

- If there is nothing on this page yet, check back later after I have realized that I have posted no poem and nothing of interest.  It is a scheduled page.  I should write this more often on my scheduled pages, as I have uploaded half finished work before and realized it too late.
Ok.  Just in case - here is a poem.  Still check back.  This is not an authorized, approved post if you are reading this.  There is certain to be a better one to replace this! -

Nevermind.  I started writing as soon as I wrote the above disclaimer.  This was going to be a short, nothing poem that I started... and now it has grown longer, and it is fine to use today after all.  I'm keeping it for Poetry Friday.  I did start out with a toad - it rhymes so well with road.  But the ending then made it necessary for me to change to a frog.  Toads don't eat leaches.  But frogs do.
I was successful in not rhyming anything with "frog"! For that, you will probably be grateful!  I was.

Tads and Lads and Combing the Sea for Leaches

One day as I was walking
A bitty frog I spied
The baby frog was hopping
Across a road quite wide.
I asked him of his journey,
And this he said to me
"I am a young amphibian
intent on reaching sea."
I put him in my pocket
and took him to the beach
And there I placed him in the sand
The waves just out of reach.
He hopped into the water
But it was icy cold!
He leaped back in my pocket -
So much for being bold!
"I'm ready to go home," he said,
I didn't understand;
I thought they said 'leach-combing'
Not 'beach-combing' in the sand."
I walked him right back to his pond
And there he found his pad
And when he's old his tale he'll tell
Of when he was a tad.

by Donna JT Smith

Join others for Poetry Friday at Violet Nesdoly's!  You won't regret it!  It's warmer than the ocean and you'll be braver than a frog.


  1. Ha! I chuckled all the way through, including that intro. I did get a post on my feed earlier in the week with only "I" as the text, FYI! Smiles! Love the froggie tale, imagine this as a combo of other tales, Donna, would make a great picture book! Happy Friday!

  2. "So much for being bold!" Nice that he had such a helpful mode of transportation. :-)

  3. I think even your blog is surprised by you, Donna, not to mention that frog! I enjoyed this adventure, and your preamble to it.

  4. How sweet! Sometimes I wish I had a pocket I could hop back into. ;)

  5. If I were a frog, I would want to go adventuring with you and your pocket.

  6. Donna, I enjoyed your hilarious tale with its strong, humorous voice. Your disclaimer was a great intro. Enjoy a hippity hop weekend.

  7. Funny! I loved that you kept the disclaimer, too.

  8. Your disclaimer -- too much fun!


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