The Bike

Here it is!  My husband and son went to look at it last night and bought it.  It has lots of extras and is very loud!  And shiny.  It is a well kept bike, and we are the proud new owners of a 2004 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom Sportster, pearl white.
Here's my husband on the bike for the trip home.  If you look closely you can see his beard peeking out from under the helmet... no, that is not a white shirt!

Now I need to get a helmet.  The bike needs a change of seat so I can join him on rides, and I need a new jacket.  Discovered the ones we have, although they fit, are just a bit too heavy for my back just yet.  We also need some bags for souvenirs and snacks, and a windshield to keep the bugs out of our teeth and the wind from freezing us solid on the cool evenings.

I'll get a picture of me when I'm all ready to roll!

Ready to roll and ride the roads
Back to our earlier days
Yearning to grasp a little more time
Before we're put out to graze!

HA!  I knew there'd be a poem in it somewhere.


  1. I hope you'll have many more rides before being "put out to graze", Donna. It looks great. A cousin rode a Harley for a lot of years, and I was just going to ask about the windshield because he told me about the bugs in the teeth! Happy Days!

    1. Our first Honda was a small bike; then we moved up to touring bikes - BMS and Yamaha Ventura Royale with fairing, hard bags and comfy passenger seat. This one is a "big bike" with a "small bike" look right now. We don't want ALL the bells and whistles, but some - and I don't want the bugs in teeth look! So, fairing and visors on helmets!

  2. You guys are a hoot!
    Bugs have lots of protein -- it would save you from needing a snack bag...

    1. I'm on a high fat diet. Are there some bugs that fit my requirements of low carb, low protein, high fat? oh, and gluten free. So no wheat eating bugs probably.


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