After the A to Z Comes May

Finally the A to Z Challenge has concluded!  NaPoWriMo is finished!  National Poetry Month is over!  It is May!   But before saying good-bye to April, I want to thank those who not only read my Poems on Plates this month but wrote poems, too!  Brenda Harsham not wrote on her website, but also wrote to a plate each day in April, right along with me!  So awesome!
And Violet Nesdoly used a selection of the plates to create a found poem.

Here are the plates that arrived this week to accompany a license plate:

jolly Vollie barks
gallops thru lavender fields
trees squirrels

Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

dark clouds billow
rain sizzles on hot car
wipers sweep, expressive

Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

zip, zap, zoom 
move over, I need room!
Y R U rushing?
Y not?

Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

road tripping
hyena laughing
wild thing

Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

zeal for poetry
words tap at windows
shelter in ideas

Brenda Harsham, all rights reserved

Fewer browns today
Greens overtaking at last
April's bowed to May

by Donna JT Smith

Happy May Day, everyone!


  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge :)

  2. Such fun, thanks for taking me along for the ride. I like your last poem, greening the world.


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