Summer Poems

I have an awesome poem by a student to share with you today.  I signed up to receive a postcard from Jone MacCulloch‘s Silver Star Poetry Project this spring, and my postcard with it's illustrated poem arrived just over a week ago.  It is by Lotus B. in fifth grade.
Lotus sent me a Diamante that started with Summer and its hot, dry days of time spent on the beach relaxing, then meandering to Fall with the browning and decaying of all that was green.  Lotus illustrated the postcard poem with some enticing icons of summer!  It makes me excited to get started on the summer season, though I will have to forego the ice cream cones...
Wait... I think I see me lounging on the beach right there under that big beach umbrella!

This project is such a lot of fun for the recipients of these poems, and I have a feeling, just reading and looking at the postcards posted on blogs so far, that the students are enjoying this sharing, too!

Let the Summer Begin!

Summer can start now
I have my flip flops;
The sun can get hot cause
I've got my tank tops.

The grill has been wheeled out;
It's barbecue time -
The breeze is just right
To awake the wind chime.

The flowers can bloom
Where I planted seeds,
And before you know it
I'll be out pulling weeds.

The grass will need mowing,
I'll get a sun burn,
The mosquitoes will gather
To each take a turn.

The fan will be whirling,
The ice cubes will clink,
And I will need plenty
Of cold things to drink.

Could we just skip summer?
There's sweat on my brow.
It's looking much sweeter
To fall ahead now.

Donna JT Smith, 2016

PS: I'm not a fan of hot weather.  Can you tell?
Happy Poetry Friday, all!  Now go visit the other poet lovers.  They may be found at Reflections on the Teche where Margaret Simon is hosting this week.


  1. I'm not a fan either, Donna! "The mosquitoes will gather/To each take a turn" -- shudder!

  2. Donna -- and Tabatha! -- I am not a fan of hot weather, either... though I do love me some flip flops! I wear them year-round here in the deep south. Jone's post card project amazes me each and every year. xo

  3. Thank you for sharing Lotus' poem. I added your post link on my post.

  4. I'm not a fan of hot weather either. Like your funny ending.

  5. If you let the weeds turn into perennials, then you won't have to "be out pulling weeds". Very like a New Englander to always be able to complain about the weather. Even if it's 75 and sunny, too bad they are rare. Too cold for some. Too hot for others. This poem is quintessentially New England. :-)

  6. The postcard diamante moves swiftly, doesn't it, and while I love fall, I'm ready for summer first! Love the ending of your poem, too, Donna.

  7. Lotus' postcard sure does put me in the mood! I could do without the summer humidity, that's for sure, but I do love not being on such a strict routine. Your own ode to summer made me chuckle, Donna. :)

  8. Nice poem and so nice blog thank you for sharing us.
    Singhani & Partners

  9. I was bouncing down the beach with you in flip-flops and then the sweat on the brow. I am not ready to jump ahead, but as the days warm up, I know I'll get there soon.

  10. There are so many sights and sounds of summer spilling from your delightful poem, Donna. And I'm like Margaret, not ready to skip summer and let fall take over, as it seems to want to do on this cool long weekend here in Canada. Maybe by August though...

  11. Donna, you poem is funny but the part about the mosquitos is so true for me. They seem to love me and I get allergic reactions. Today was our first taste of summer and the beach is calling me. have a great week.


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