Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Visit to the Doctor

Waiting at the doctor's office. They say the procedure should take about 2 hours. My husband will join me here shortly, most likely before the procedure is completed.

I knew there was a problem days ago but I ignored it.  Then another symptom that couldn't be ignored.  This one was getting worse as the hours went by.  It was impossible to ignore any more.  It was practically staring me in the face.  A quick call to my insurance and the doctor was approved, and the appointment was made.

Now I sit in the waiting room strewn with newspapers and magazines.  I straighten up the table.  The wait seems endless, but I know the outcome will be fine.

It will be crystal clear that this was the right thing to do.  I should have had this done before it had spread...

PG: A Glass Doctor Company
across my windshield.

But two hours later, just as promised, I can see clearly through this new windshield - no more growing crack across my view.



  1. Donna, you rat! I can't believe you did this to us. Cute and clever. And I assume you are well!

  2. Yes, Linda, I'm fine! Sorry about that, but it just struck me so funny when I was sitting there and looking at the sign that says "A Glass Doctor Company", and the waiting room and all. Just couldn't help myself! I'll be good next time!

  3. So I held my breath until I got to the photograph...I was already composing a suitable comment when I realized what you were getting at! Glad your view will be unconstructed now!

  4. You got me too! Smarty pants. Cute post.

  5. What a clever slice! You had me concerned, even though you said you were fine. You can clap your hands with glee and say Gotcha!

  6. I should have saved this for April 1!

  7. Well done! I have all kinds of thoughts in my head! I am glad it was the car doctor and not something else.

  8. Sigh, I've only known you a month and I was worried!!

  9. Tricky tricky! This gives me an idea for a writing exercise. Nice slice! :)


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