Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Spoke Up

I think this is what just happened.

With passion and conviction,
I spoke. 
The room held its breath,
And then I held my breath
As the cold rains came. 
I was dampened and muddied,
Chilled and saddened,
But I was not silent.
And for that I am glad.


  1. Such drama and power in a few lines.
    cold rains,
    dampened muddied
    chilled saddened
    The pairs of descriptive words have a nice rhythm.

  2. Oh Donna, this poem leaves me with so many questions. I love when a writer does that to me. I want to ask you...Were you really angry? Did your face get red? Were you shaking? Did your voice sound like barely a whisper? Were your eyes piercing?

  3. Many thoughts are running through my mind as I try to read behind these words. But the lines :"But I was not silent. And for that I am glad," make me smile for you.

  4. I love that last line in this great poem that captures a moment of huge courage.

  5. I wish I could have been there to spread some sunshine in that room. For I am sure whatever words you spoke were words I would've backed! This is a powerful poem. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wanda this poem set me thinking. I like the strength in it - I love the spirit of resiliency.

  7. I've read this poem three times this morning. Like the others, I have questions, but I love the strength it shows. "But I was not silent. And for that I am glad." Love that line.

  8. Oh dear, I have been there. Triumph in the midst of turmoil. It is not easy, but wisdom and love win out. Thank you for your powerful stand.

  9. I love the courage shown through your words here. Your last lines drive home the strength of your message. Well done!

  10. There is so much emotion and strength in this short slice. Well done!

  11. Yes - your words really capture that feeling of being splashed by a bus going through a puddle. That feeling of "why was I walking so close to this puddle in the first place." But then that feeling that two need to share the road!

  12. The poem itself shows courage, and as I've seen many of your poems, it has less structure, but is so tight, says much in few words. I can only imagine what you mean but the line "As the cold rains came" is so visual and then scary. Terrific Donna!


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