Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

I don't do work on Sunday.  I don't have time to write on Sunday either.  So it's Saturday night and I'm scheduling this to post tomorrow/today.
Sunday is set aside for no work, and even when I was teaching, I made sure lessons were planned and all was set for Monday before going to bed on Saturday.
Sunday is church and family.  All morning.  All day.  All evening.
I may run to the grocery store if we need some chips and dip and dessert, but mostly it is not a day for shopping either.
Remember when stores were closed on Sundays?  Remember when people didn't need to shop on Sunday?  Didn't need to work on Sunday unless you worked at a hospital, a police station or a radio station, or were a minister?
Speaking of things closed...Does anyone out there remember gas rationing and gas stations closed on Sundays?
My husband and I were finishing college and had been married for a year when I got a job teaching in northern Maine.  He finished grad school and then got a job in south/central Maine.  They were good jobs.  We were young.  We could see each other on weekends.
So we lived apart for the better part of a year and met halfway between our two places on Friday nights at a motel where they were giving us a good deal on a room.   
"Smith, two nights." 
 "Yeah, right.  Smith."
And we'd get a nice room at half rate for two nights.
We'd arrived in different cars coming from different directions and headed back on Sunday morning going our separate ways again. 
Unfortunately that was the year there was a gas shortage.  There were long lines at gas stations and many closed their pumps for good.  Stations closed early on Saturday and didn't open again until Monday morning.
On Saturday afternoon, as late as possible, we'd fill up our gas tanks for the Sunday morning rides back to our corners of the state.  We each drove about 3 hours, so we had to make sure the tanks were filled.  We had to find a gas station that still had gas and was open.  And it had to be as close to closing as possible, other wise you couldn't drive anywhere during the day on Saturday and still be certain that you would have enough gas to get back home.
It was an interesting time.  We both quit our first real jobs around March and decided to live together in Wisconsin.  After all, we were married.  It seemed the right thing to do.


  1. I think taking one day for your soul is a good thing Donna, no matter what day that is. I knew you and Tim were separated that first year by jobs but I didn't know the motel story:) As reading your posts...glad you returned.

  2. While I am not old enough to remember gas rationing, I do remember my childhood in a small town where nothing but church was opened on Sunday. In fact, it made me almost sad when that started to change..first the gas station stayed open. Then the grocery store. By the time I was old enough to get a job waitressing in the local family restaurant, I was working Sundays. Doesn't it seem that the world made more sense when things slowed down for Sunday?

  3. Great chuckle at the end, Donna. I don't remember the gas shortage, but I do remember planning well because nothing was open on Sundays. It's a mixed thing for me as to what works. For my husband who owned a retail store for years and worked six days a week Sunday became the only day he could shop if needed. I'm sure there are others like him. On the other hand, it's good to have at least one day to rest. I loved hearing about your memories of that time.

  4. What a fascinating snippet from the past! I love the romanticism of your weekend meet-ups! I am sure it felt less than romantic at times, what with all the distance and planning, but it makes for a great story now.

  5. Not only a story of another time, but a love story!! It wouldn't surprise me if we were rationing gas again on Sundays. You're last two lines--matter-of-fact and humorous!

  6. I wonder if I would start my week more relaxed if I saved Sundays for myself and family in this way. Nice

  7. I admire that you hold Sunday to a no work day. I am guilty of doing some school stuff on Sunday. However, that is the only day we can't get into our school to work in our classrooms, so most of my work is light and done at home. Great post!


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