Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Booty

I was doing my book chat with my daughter yesterday and we got onto other things later.  One of those was the complaint that Mr. NoNap was still awake.

Mother - Daughter Google Chat conversation:
daughter:  I tried rocking him and closing my eyes (hoping he'd catch on).
But every time I peeked, these big blue eyes were staring right at me.
One of the times I wish my eyes had cameras.
me:  You don't have them yet?
daughter:  No, does apple sell them?
daughter: iEyes
me:  There may be an app.  Oh, yes, iEyes...they come with a patch in case you only want to use one
(. . . pause . . . )
me:  Get it?  Aye, aye, Captain!  Pirates...eyepatch?
(. . . pause . . . )
daughter:  Right

Our complaint is that when a mom, a dad or a grandma wants to capture a moment it would be great to have cameras in your eyes.  It is not our first conversation about this.
Every time there's something cute going on, you have to drop everything and grab the camera, which is never right beside you. Your hands are often occupied with holding the cuteness.  Or the cute happening is going to stop happening before you can get the camera aimed.  To have the ability to blink your eyes and just start the eye camera, or iEye, as we like to call it, would be such a great invention.
I'm ready to draw up the prototype.  Do not steal our iDea, matey.  We're laying claim to the baby booty!  Arrrg.


  1. Yes, indeed, I even needed one yesterday because I was taking photos while my hands were covered in bread dough. You are a person already thinking of my big wish, at least yesterday, something like one of those miner's lamps. Love it! And I love that your daughter tried putting him to sleep by closing her eyes. Funny and desperate!

  2. I always think that while I'm searching for and setting the camera, the moment might pass and I'll actually miss it completely. That's why I never let this happen, I just try to stand there take it all in and trust my faulty built-in camera: my memory.

  3. The phrase, holding the cuteness, is too perfect. I will have to remember that when/if a baby comes into my life (via son, not me). You are so right, the camera is never there when you need it. Loved the conversation and the illustration is great (and a little creepy too).

  4. Hilarious! I love the drawing to accompany your ruse. The pirate voice is pretty fun too.

  5. Ha! Love the pirate voice, and the personal story woven in with an interesting comment about technology. You'd better hurry on this one, as I'm sure it's well underway in some testing facility somewhere -- the same place that's working on making us all immortal cyborgs. :) Fun read!

  6. An iEye :). That part made me giggle. The conversation you had with your daughter did too; I think I've been the daughter in that chat...trying so desperately to get my baby to sleep.

    Holding the cuteness is a fabulous phrase; love it. I felt warm reading it...


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