Thursday, March 29, 2012

From Out of the Rubble


I am taking time out of my day today to make a necklace.  Here's what I have to work with.  The three shells on the right are hand-picked by my grandniece in Arkansas (though I believe she picked them up off a beach in Florida when they lived there).  She is two years old, and gave the shells to her grandmother, my sister-in-law, who would like to have them made into a necklace.

I really need to clean off my table and vacuum and put in the laundry and make the bed (good grief, I didn't even do that) and go grocery shopping.

But instead I'm sitting staring at these beads and shells and pearls and wire and wondering how it is all going to go together to make something for their visit to Arkansas the day after Easter.

So I'd better stop typing and get stringing!

Oh, and now I'm hungry.  I haven't had lunch yet.  First bead something, then eat.

I will keep you posted.  Hopefully with a picture of a completed necklace tomorrow.  So far the pile of ingredients is not too appetizing...but we'll see!


  1. Looking forward to the picture of the necklace. It was interesting to see what's in front of you and to be in your head and hear your thoughts.

  2. So much to do in so little time. I have faith that you will create a marvelous necklace and you will get many more things on your list accomplished.

  3. I'm with Terje and Elsie! I assume you will create something fabulous to show us tomorrow. Those are beautiful pieces to work with, Donna. And, I loved your 'sleepy' poem yesterday. Nice to hear all the things that happen, & you are so right about the dog. Plus, yes I will grant you east of the Mississippi for Felix. What fun we would have sitting & watching the grandbabies!


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