Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Up, Down vs. Down, Up

Up, down, 
Mom grips, 
Then lets go. 
Up, down, 
Weaving wheel 
Snake prints 
In gravel and grass. 
Up, down, 
Two pedals, 
Little bike, 
On the ground. 
Up, down,
Boy’s spirit, 
Knee Scuffed. 
Up, down, 
Little bike 
Put away 
For another day. 
Up, down, 
“I will 
do that 
I know
Up, down, 
Door slams. 
Up, down, 
Mom sighs. 
There’s no 
That you 
Need to
Do it 
To learn
There’s no 
Down, up.

That was a hard day.  How do you convince him that he can't just not do something until he knows how to do it?  Of course, now he's grown, having learned how to ride his bike shortly after that incident, and now rides a motorcycle!

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