The House with the Wrinkled Wall

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and on Gull Haven, where I put updates on this house.

The house with the wrinkled wall
Stands firmly
And squat
By the sea

The house with the wrinkled wall
Waits quietly
And longs
For me

The house with the wrinkled wall
Wants warmth
And life
To tend

The house with the wrinkled wall
Sleeps still
And gray
Till then

The house with the wrinkled wall
Knows the time
Is soon
To come

The house with the wrinkled wall
Starts a low
But joyful


  1. Many homes from my younger days had paneled walls in the dens--even when new, they never were particularly attractive! I bet your house is breathing a sigh of relief.

  2. That's a great picture - there's a funhouse quality to it...nothing funhouse about panelling, though!

  3. Oh that paneling I've seen through the years. Everyone thought it was so great! The house seems wonderful, & your website for it is a lovely idea. What fun to capture all the story of it with you! Your poem begins it, a sweet little story with your usual excellent rhythm and rhyme. And-is that you, with your husband? How great to see a glimpse of you Donna. Thanks for all!


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