Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do You Ever...

Do you ever . . .
  • have a question that you don't dare ask because it may sound stupid?
  • wish that it were true that there are no stupid questions?
  • wonder what your dog is thinking . . . and how he's thinking it without words?
  • look up and imagine walking on the ceiling instead of the floor?
  • try to imagine the sun is shining when it's raining?
  • wonder what a butterfly thinks when he finds out he's not a caterpillar anymore?
  • wonder if a butterfly and a caterpillar speak the same language?
  • go the wrong way because it's the way you remember going . . . and it was wrong then, too?
  • wonder what the ocean would look like without any water in it?
  • feel like flying with wings and landing on a high tree branch?
  • imagine how life would be if you were a seal?
  • want to be a character in a book . . . or their best friend? 
  • wonder what it would be like to live outside all the time, like a deer?
  • imagine you can walk on clouds?
  • want ice cream for breakfast?
  • picture what it would be like to live in an ant hill?
  • wonder what it would be like to think in another language?
  • contemplate how to stay sane if you were the last person on earth?
  • wonder how you would know if you were insane if there was no one to tell you?
  • ponder what someone is doing on the other side of the world at this moment?
  • try to picture green grass and sandals while you are in boots shoveling snow?
  • wish you could pick your dream for the night?
  • wonder what you'd be like if you had been born with a different brain . . . and how would you know?
  • wonder what you would be like if you had been born into a different family?
  • wonder how a particular family would have been changed if you had been born into it?
  • think how life would be different if you'd bought the house across the street?
  • wonder what's the thing you are doing right now that will change tomorrow?

I do.


  1. All of 'em, Donna! Especially the one about wondering what your dog is thinking! Love the list--looks like it's full of interesting blog posts.

  2. Yes, several of those things. Here in Colorado we do have sunshine and rain-very strange phenomenon. And that about dogs-all the time. Fun things to ponder!

  3. This morning I thought of one more that I've always found intriguing: Do you ever look up and imagine walking on the ceiling instead of the floor?

  4. You live a life of wonder. Some questions pop into my mind at odd moments, but I guess I need to pause more often to make room for these wonderings.
    Thank you.


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