Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love, Deer

Hello! Yes, you!  I do not appreciate being startled.  I was just leisurely crossing the road, and here you come barreling down the road in your growly, bug-eyed, little vroomything.  Have you ever thought that you could bump into me with that?  I didn't think so.  I had to hurry to the side of the hard-path. 
This isn't the first time you've done this.  You should know by now how much I hate when you stare at me.  So just stop it!  I hate it!  I wasn't ready to go off into the woods yet.  I wanted to browse along the edge.  But no.  You had to creep up and stare.  So now I'm down here.  And... you are still staring at me!  What is with you guys?  Go away!
Okay.  I'll go away. 
Come on, Bambi.  I almost forgot you were here with me.  Did you know you blend in very well with these saplings and the dark shadows?  They didn't see you either...well, until now. They were actually watching me, but now that you've moved, they are watching you, too.  You need to keep that tail still, and don't turn your ears so much.  Now the only thing we can do is ignore them.  Don't go getting nervous. You know how that makes your tail-white show.  Keep it tucked.
What do you say we go over here and catch a little snack of the last of the sweet greens?  Don't look at them.  They'll go away pretty soon.  They always do.
They're still there, aren't they?
You are just a bunch of staryheads!
See, there they go now!  I guess I told them.  Next time I'll let you yell at them.


  1. Great to give the whole picture in dialogue! I think you covered all the traits, like the staring dislike, and how we humans do love to stare, too. The photo is beautiful, framed so well.

  2. I love the voice in this piece! You have capture the thoughts so perfectly. Great picture too!

  3. Enjoyed hearing the deer's point of view--great title! It seems everything is letting itself be known this time of year--last chances to enjoy nature at its best.

  4. This is a fun and creative piece! I like how you told the story from the deer's point of view. Thanks for including the picture as well!
    --jee young

  5. This just happened to a girlfriend of mine! I love the way you wrote to the deer. I can just picture you talking right to it. Very fun to read!

  6. Deer always look so serene and we seem so much like, well, staryheads in the face of their serenity. The look on her face is as entertaining as her voice in your slice!


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