For Poetry Friday linked at Jama's Alphabet Soup:

The wind outside
Is shushing
Listen to the autumn
Rolling in
Skip to greet the
Incoming waves
Ankle deep in
Scoop and toss
At leaf spray
Sprinkling down
On faces and necks
Dive into
The cool
Tidal pool
Of autumn.


  1. It's my first visit here to your blog.

    I love the poem -- like a long haiku. It makes me hear such unexpected sounds coming from autumn.

  2. Love your poem, and its focus on the joy and exuberance of the season. I didn't get to see real autumn leaves till I was an adult (since I grew up in Hawaii), and every year it's such a marvel.

  3. Actually, I'm dropping cookie and donut crumbs - I've been to Jama's more than once today. I love how a day at the beach in summer has rolled right into these autumnal "rites of passage" here!

  4. So glad you're sharing your beautiful poetry. This is delightfully crisp, like the edges of the ocean, but only leaves as waves instead. I love the analogy.

  5. I have to agree with Linda's comment above: "delightfully crisp" poem indeed - and the red and green leaves are wonderful. I come from Southeast Asia where it's summer whole-year round. It's a pleasure to see so many poems about autumn. :)


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