Poem - Pretty Soon I'll Know

Across the road
A week ago we closed on our retirement cottage, but with the weather kind of yucky, and my husband working all week, Saturday was the first day we could go up there and really look at it now that it belonged to us.  The weather was absolutely gorgeously warmish and sunny!
We went up today to meet the contractor and figure out the renovations we want to do.  When we were done, we just sat for a bit on the front steps and listened and watched.  People we've never met before drove by and waved to us.  We returned the gesture.  Two women walked by and called out "Did you buy this place?"  The SOLD sign was still up.
We smiled and called back "Yes."
"Oh, I'm so glad!  This is such a sweet place.  You have a great view!  Oh, I'm sorry!  We've interrupted your view time!"
Nonsense, we will have more view times.  It was great to meet friendly people there: people who were glad we were in the neighborhood.
There are lobster boats in the cove. There's a wharf across the road that says it sells lobsters.  I wonder if they would sell two or three lobsters or if we'd need to get a truckload?  I guess we'll have to find out.  I could buy a truck.

I sat on my steps
With the sounds
And the spray

The sun glistened
As I watched him
Slowly row

Out to his boat
Beneath the gulls
As they soared

The gulls called “Mine,
“Clean your traps, on
Bait we’ll dine.”

The throaty chug,
Of his engine
Didn’t lug

Soon I’ll know the
Of each craft when
It comes round

And then I will
Who owns the name
On each stern

These vessels of the
That bring lobster
Rolls to me.


  1. Donna, there's a recent YA book titled Breadcrumbs, supposed to be very good-FYI. And-I think all you needed to do was post that photo. Oh, it's so beautiful. When you are finished with the work, will you be there permanently? The poem just weaves its way to finish the story you began in prose. I like the rhyme scheme and the line breaks of the verses, the fact that you are already including the people/your new neighbors into your thoughts, and the dialog included. And I love "I could buy a truck." Perhaps, perhaps!


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