Ayuh to Z Challenge - Z

I can't believe there is Zilch to go!
Zero.  Nada!
We are done!

Before l finish,  I just want to say thankfully "we are not done"!  Yesterday was a special day for us.
And so was the day before that.

On Monday, we were almost not here for the last two letters of the alphabet.  My husband and I were in a car accident on the Interstate that involved being rear-ended by a person who was distracted and driving way, way, WAY too fast.  My husband saw her coming and tried to get us out of the center lane and to the right lane to avoid being hit, but she was still too fast and hit us on the back left with her right front.  We spun around a few times in the middle of the highway, missing cement dividers and the overhead pass wall, and thankfully no semis or other cars hit us, though it was a busy highway and we covered most of it!  I remember wondering how far the car would cave in, and could I avoid the door crushing in by leaning to the center.  We did not hit anything though.  I am amazed that everyone involved walked away.  Our car is totaled, and resting peacefully.  We had to pick up baby gifts from off the highway.  Some antique dishes I had gotten my daughter at Christmas were in the back, and some of the set is broken now.  But, who cares about that "stuff" - we were able to continue on in a rental car, getting there in plenty of time to see our beautiful granddaughter born early the next morning (yesterday)!

Two miracles in two days.  
Just the two things we'd been praying for: safe travels and a healthy baby girl.

My theme: Book Titles A to Z written by Maine authors,
and a poem for that title each day for the month of April.
 The poem is not about the book, but is written with the title as inspiration!

Welcome to Z!

Z is for 
Zero, Zilch, Nada
by Wendy Ulmer

                           Zero, Zilch, Nada

Here I come!

You're not done
You forgot some!

No, I didn't!

Yes, you did!

You don't know -
you're just a kid!

Start again! this time more!
I couldn't get past the door.

654321 -
               Here I come!

Not again, that's not right!
I couldn't get out of sight.

10987654321 - Zilch!

What!  Not so fast!
They zipped right past!


Yea! You're my hero!
You counted slow!
Can you do it again?
I forgot to go!

Your chances are zilch!
       I'll do zero more -
           Nada times again!
               I'm out the door!

©Donna JT Smith, 2014

Harry needs to blow up 100 balloons for a birthday party, but counting the balloons gets confusing. What is the best way to count to 100? Young readers help figure out what Harry needs to do to solve his math problem.
Wendy Ulmer is a former music and English teacher who currently spends her time writing or running her quilt shop. She lives in Arrowsic, Maine.  She lives very close to me, and has come to our school to share her book "A Campfire for Cowboy Billy".

I almost used this book, Mama Zooms, with a Z in it, before I remembered to check on Wendy's book titles.  I purchased this book in one of the bins of books in our local grocery store a long time ago.  It's a sweet book, so I'm still sharing it!
Mama Zooms
by Jane Cowen-Fletcher

Jane Cowen-Fletcher lives in South Berwick, Maine.  She is on the South Berwick Public Library Planning Task Force.  She was in the  Peace Corps for two years.

Mama Zooms is about a mother who is confined to a wheelchair.  Her son, plays with his mom and her wheelchair, the "zooming machine", pretending that he is on a train, a spaceship, and more.

Brought to you by the letter Z!
And now there's zilch, zero, nada letters left!


  1. Very Nice post Donna!...And I am glad i could meet you through A -Z challenge !...happy blogging for the rest of year ...!

    1. Nice to meet you too! Have a great year blogging!

  2. My goodness, you weren't kidding about this being a big slice. Two miracles indeed - glad you walked away okay, and glad that the baby arrived safely. Congratulations!

    1. Finally a minute to reply! Yes, it has been a "full" past few days! Just amazing...all of it.

  3. Congratulations on your new granddaughter. Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you and your husband were not hurt.
    I enjoy your poems.

    1. Thanks! All is wonderful! I'm happy that you like my poems and hope you will come back soon!

  4. One never knows, does one? Glad you were unharmed - but what a nasty shock - happily followed by the grand entrance of your granddaughter.
    (BTW, my Pasha visited and enjoyed Noah's blog - but the CHAPTKA police wouldn't let us in; to get more visitors, perhaps you might turn off that feature) Here is what Pasha wanted to say to Noah: My name is Pasha, and I just discovered your lovely whiskers. Hope you let me visit more often - especially, since I am a Maine Coon; but live in stormy Arkansas with my human food-dispenser and shy Lilliput (no longer lilliputian) who hates thunderstorms. Come visit me as I, too, have my own blog and love top talk about writers and their four-legged friends: http://ingehborg.blogspot.com/

    1. Strainge, but I just had that same experience with CAPTCHA, and I thought it was on your blog. I reported it to blogger and then I hit the button for a refresh of the CAPTCHA and one appeared. I wonder if they were having difficulties that day. Seemed strange. I'm glad you were able to get to the site, at least. I may turn it off for now. Noah is a rescue cat to replace our Maine Coon, Purrsee, that died in January.

  5. Wow! There is a lot happening here but I have to say I like it - the whole concept is very inspirational and cool! I'm so glad you're okay from your accident! I do enjoy your poems :)

  6. so glad you are okay! brilliant finish!

  7. I'm so glad you and your husband are okay!

    I love the title of those children's book. It's perfect for today. And your poem is very fun!

    Congratulations on completing the challenge!

  8. Thank you for your post. You certainly had a day full of excitement!

    1. The best thing is getting to see my baby with her new baby!

  9. Glad to hear you're both okay. So scary! And congratulations on your new granddaughter! What a lucky little girl to have a grandmother who will share the magic of books with her. Although I've missed a few days, I've really enjoyed your A-Z project. Thanks so much!

    1. It was especially scary afterwards realizing what just happened and what could have happened! But it didn't, so... onward! Time to pick out a book for that little girl!

  10. Wow! Congratulations on the sweet baby girl. So happy for them. And, of course, so happy you are okay. Someone was blessing you on your way to meet that new one! AND-congratulations on a marvelous month of picture book poetry-great stuff this month!

    1. It's been a whirl-windy kind of week! I wonder what May will have in store?

  11. Glad that you walked out safely. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

  12. I'm so sorry you were in an accident too. I'm glad you are okay. My accident doesn't sound nearly as scary as yours- I didn't spin. My guy was going too fast too.

    Once you realize you are okay- I just feel angry now. I'm glad your person stopped. You are right it is just "stuff," but it is a hassle. Hoping you get some new wheels soon.


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