Monday, March 19, 2012

Thankful for Miracles

I wrote a speedy poem for TKT today.  Poems for this round are being put up today at various times and each has a 36 hr. window for voting.  Make sure you stop by to do your "required daily reading" there!  And VOTE!  It's a plethora of poetry for you today!  Enjoy!  BTW: My word is "cement"...and my opponent's is "translucent".  I'm thinking translucent is going to make a more delicately worded poem than cement!  We'll see!

Thankful for Miracles

I'm thankful today,
For sunshine and rain
For good times that outweigh the bad.

I'm thankful for those,
Who prayed up for help
And prayed down the blessings we had.

For today is different
Than it could have been
Our heartache has been washed away.

Today is a gift
You helped deliver
"Thank you" is all I can say.


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