Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dusty Doilies Day

Now my railing is dusty.

Invisible hands
Shaking doilies overhead:
March snow, spring cleaning.

I was going to post on the three books that influenced my life and I even wrote some "stuff".  But then the snow was here out the window as I was writing, and I kept thinking about it.  It's hard not to think about it when you are in a house with a sliding glass door beside the kitchen table on one hand and floor to ceiling windows to the right, in the open living room.  I always get the effect of being inside an inside-out snow globe and someone has shaken the outside, or shaken something outside overhead.
So haiku it is.  No books.


  1. The doilies, perfection. As you know, I am drawn to writing about the snow when it arrives, too. I think your words paint the scene quite beautifully, Donna. Here we go...

  2. I want me some snow...soon! We had a few splotchy falkes yesterday, and now were back to mud and dead grass. Yuck!

  3. Oh that sounds delightful and look at how perfect that snow is! It's just beautiful. I'd love snow, but we have 82 degrees, humidity and pollen. Allergy season has arrived early here in Central Florida, but soon the air will be perfume: orange blossoms.

  4. I love, love it...snow days annd being cozy and it feels just right. I'm just tired of gray, gray everyday!


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