Thursday, March 22, 2012


In case you missed it on Think Kid, Think! this was my "losing" poem (no poem is a loser, right?)...but not by THAT much... 95 to 79... and it was such fun!  My opponent for this round was a published poet - Susan Taylor Brown, Hugging the Rock - so I'm feeling ok about coming in second out of two.
Hope you like the poem...and that this isn't cheating because I didn't write it today.  Oh, but I did write this part.     
You can go there again in a day and vote on some more.  I won't be writing, but I'm certainly going to jump in for reading and voting!

by Donna Smith

Demented Cement Ed just loved building walls
He mortared and bricked them, some big and some small.
Ed built a high tower with brick upon brick,
But when he had finished, Ed’s stomach was sick!
The door was omitted, there was no way out,
Demented Cement Ed is still there, no doubt.
He’s surely lamented and even repented,
But nevertheless his fate’s been cemented!


  1. You brought a smile to my face. Is it the winning that counts? or the writing?
    Or would your poem be a winner just because it made you smile? and not even one reader smile?
    Oh, and congratulations.

    1. Exactly! Ya gotta write anyway, right? Knowing someone reads and enjoys were just a bit of tinsel on the tree... But I love plain trees just as well!

  2. This one is a hoot! Contests are fun, but shouldn't be taken to heart - congrats on your poem and courage!

  3. I enjoyed the way you played with the language here-- no wonder it was a close race! I am amazed at your willingness to tackle this challenge. I think it is intimidating!


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