Refrigerator Wraps

So I was just browsing around on the Internet today and came across Refrigerator Wraps.  And since this is refrigerator month, I'm featuring this.  I have nothing to do with this company, so if you decide to redecorate your refrigerator using a cool wrap, I don't get a penny!  Or a dollar... or even a cold drink.

They sell heavy duty vinyl adhesive covers for refrigerators, to transform them into vintage and custom designed refrigerators.  They look pretty amazing and seem especially good if you have a not-so-new looking refrigerator that you'd like to spruce up!  I imagine that refrigerator magnets would still work with this coating on it, but you may need slightly stronger ones, or just keep posts off the refrigerator so people can see the new look.
It might be nice to have a refrigerator that looks like a bookcase full of your favorite books, but the front of a VW is nice, too!

I'm hoping to have some refrigerator posts from some of you soon!  But if not, it's still been fun and I'll just order myself a stone refrigerator magnet, I guess.  I WIN!

Click on the REFRIGERATOR link above to put in your link to a refrigerator blog post, because I don't want to be the one to win.
If you don't have a blog but want to submit something, send it to d+J+T+s+1+9+7+2 then the at symbol and y+A+h+o+o+dot +com.  Is that cryptic enough not to get a bot's attention? I hate spam.  But that is my email that is full of commercial and spam emails.  I'll have to look carefully for yours so leave a comment letting me know you've sent me something!

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