Miss Cree, the Ant

This was my poem for the word "Miscreant" in March Madness 2014, that I didn't submit.  I liked it, but there might have been explanations to go with it, as in there are a couple of types of ants that have worker ants that try to put their own eggs in with the queen ant's eggs.  A guard ant will sniff out the eggs that don't belong to the queen and eat it.  And sometimes they will kill the offending ant also.
My word "miscreant" in Miss Cree, the Ant:

Miss Cree

Miss Cree, the Ant, aspired to lay
Eggs with Queen Ant’s, so late one day
She tried to sneak one by Queen’s guard; 
He sniffed the egg, her way was barred.
He said, “We’ll eat this egg for snack! 
And if you’re smart, you won’t come back!
The next time we will eat you, too.
I think we’d love miscreant stew!”

Back to A-to-Z tomorrow!
The letter L!


  1. "Miscreant" - very interesting. Ants do seem to lend themselves to moral tales, don't they. Great take!

    1. Thanks, Wendy! I don't think I'd ever used the word "miscreant" before this.
      I'll be back to Poetry Jam sometime in May! A-to-Z is my focus now, and then I'll be busy the first of May with a new grandbaby... so those maternal hormones will probably be dictating my writing for a bit!

  2. Missed this yesterday, Donna. I think it's great and a clever use of what you know. Who knows how it would have gone in the MM challenge. The words seems pretty hard sometimes.


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