Little Girl Across the Street

Precious girl, you are almost here,
I know just how you'll cry;
I already see your curled up fists
And feel the mother's tie.

Treasured girl, you've already caught
Our hearts, our minds, our souls;
I want to wrap you, keep you safe
From rocky life's hard shoals.

I know you'll press to be on your own
With ways you'll want to try,
And you will give us fits and starts
That make us want to cry.

First take the hand that's given you
And let's both cross the street;
I know the little girl you'll be
And I think you two should meet.

She's making castles in the sand,
Eating broccoli ,
Swirling angels in the snow,
Sitting on my knee.

She's holding bugs and reading books,
Standing in the rain,
Collecting shells and bits of glass,
Waving to a train.

She's riding on a grown up bike,
Listening to owls,
Rolling out some cookie dough,
Making thinking scowls.

This little girl is not alone
To do all the hard stuff,
Someone’s with her every day
To help when things get rough.

Even though she'll be so strong
And she will do it all,
We will stand beside her
To soften any fall.

We can't do it for her
And she won’t want us to
But we will help her through it
Our hearts are stuck like glue.

She'll be a friend, and she'll be kind
And we will love her so
She will know much of this world
Before we let her go.

Come see who's out here waiting,
Excited at last to meet
The new one soon to be that girl
Just across the street.

©Donna JT Smith, 2014


  1. Wonderful, Donna. Having raised four kids, I know those kids across the street . . . well. A very insightful and kind bit of writing.

    1. They grow up so fast! One day they are an infant, the next they are riding a bike...or getting married!

  2. Waiting is hard when it's so close... Love the image of the 'girl across the street', just there, a little unclear, but there. I'm looking forward to hearing all about this new grand-girl!

    1. Soon now! I'll have May stories on this one and her brother I'm sure!


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