I Miss You, Purrsee

Well, Friday didn't turn out to be a regular day.  Actually the whole week got messed up right from the beginning.  I was sick, and then my Maine Coon cat, Purrsee, got sick.  I recovered; he did not.  In spite of a number of calls and multiple visits to the vet, giving fluids, doing exploratory surgery, and receiving antibiotics and painkillers, Purrsee had to be put down Friday morning at 8:30.  I am so sad; I thought we could help him.  I don't know what happened and neither do the veterinarians.  He just suddenly stopped eating and moving around.  He stopped closing his eyes to sleep.  He was in pain and nothing could be done for him.  He was our friend for the past 10 years.  He was a quite a character.  I truly miss him.

Wrestling with the dog.

Moving day: in the frying pan in the sun - doesn't get better than this.

I thought I’d take time to write of my cat,
The one who so recently by my side sat,
He gazed out the window and looked so content;
For ten years he was here, and then he just went.
He wasn’t the easiest cat to befriend,
But he loved us well, right up to the end.
He opened the cupboards when he wanted food.
If you didn’t do it, he’d get downright rude;
Yelling and slamming the doors till he got
Food and some water - Pronto! On the dot!
It had to be fresh, no food that was stale -
Grading morsels and mortals alike: pass or FAIL.
His best friend, the dog, was his loyal sidekick,
Sharing her bed, her fire and her stick.
One time as a kitten he latched onto dog's lip,
And held on steadfastly till we ended his trip.
He often would watch me as I sat to write
Peer over computer until late at night.
And given a chance to tap on the keys
I'd find he had written a whole lot of e's.
I’ll miss all the glares that turned into purrs,
The long silky locks and the gray, tangly furs,
One renegade whisker, the big tufted paws,
The twitchy tailed warning of razor sharp claws.
I’ll miss you, my cat, for though you were rough,
And your independence translated as tough,
You melted my heart succumbing to purring
Tail curled over nose, cozy and alluring.
If cats go to heaven, I hope you’ll be there.
But a cat's true repentance is really so rare.

©Donna JT Smith
His last picture, his last night at home.  Nice eyes.  Not happy.

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  1. I'm so sorry Donna, I remember especially your post about Purrsee and the cupboards! And others too. It's so hard to say goodbye, no matter how many years. Did you see Tricia's post today? She lost her dog & posted some nice poems. And here's a poem I've known for a long time, although yours is better, so personal and heartfelt, just you and Purrsee!

    My Old Cat by Hal Summers

    My old cat is dead,
    Who would butt me with his head.
    He had the sleekest fur.
    He had the blackest purr.
    Always gentle with us
    Was this black puss,
    But when I found him to-day
    Stiff and cold where he lay
    His look was a lion's,
    Full of rage, defiance:
    Oh, he would not pretend
    That what came was a friend
    But met it in pure hate.
    Well died, my old cat.

    1. Thanks, Linda. Where is Tricia's post? I'd like to read it

    2. Sorry, should have offered the link! It's here: http://missrumphiuseffect.blogspot.com/2014/01/poetry-friday-animals.html

    3. Thanks! I can't always place first names with blogs even though I frequent them! I'm getting better though. Noah has arrived and I will post pictures and story tomorrow. He is helping mend our hearts!

  2. So sorry, Donna. Purrsee sounded like a wonderful friend and your poem is a lovely tribute. I know the sadness you feel, we lost our lovely cat Buttons last September, quite suddenly, although she was 17 years old it still felt too soon. I just came in from work one afternoon and found her really poorly, rushed her to vets but there was nothing they could do, such a shock. I still half expect to see her waiting at the bottom of the stairs in the morning. Her little story is one my blog if you want to read it sometime. http://suzannefurness.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/a-sad-week.html

    1. Beautiful post for Buttons. Thanks for sharing. I think we have a rescue cat soon coming to fill Purrsee's chairs. I can't keep this hole in my heart unfilled

  3. I am sorry for your loss - but so happy for all the good years and good times you had together. Your poem is a wonderful tribute to a great friend!

    1. I keep thinking of more I could have said, but really, that was enough. I loved every year we had.

  4. Your tribute is wonderful, Donna. I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye. :(


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