Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aesthetes, Poeters and Poetrinas Welcome here!

Welcome!  Welcome!  It is so nice to have you come and visit for a bit here on the coast of Maine!  We'll build a snowman and then get some cocoa and a cookie.
It's Poetry Friday day! (Posted early for all you who need to post Thursday night.)
What have you to offer our avid aesthetes who come to visit, dear poeters and poetrinas?
Please link below in the InLinkz provided and visit other like-minded haikuists, limerickers, acrosticians, clerihewns, rondeauleers, odeifiers, etc.

Yea, for Friday!  It's Poetday!

Bring forth all your rhyming words
All inclined poetic nerds
Put your wondrous words in order
Use a rhymie rhythmic sorter
Pour them through a spellcheck spout
Squeeze imagistic verses out
Shuffle and snippet every line
Polish them until they shine
Toss the extras in a pile
Use them in a little while
Lasso lines and round them up
Herd them in a measured cup
March them out each to their meter;
To their greeter, poem-eater.

Words to verse, and stanza to poem
If you've a rhyme, InLinkz it to show 'em!
Then visit others and leave a note
To say that you've read what they wrote...


  1. Thanks for hosting, Donna! Love your PF rhyme! =)

  2. Happy almost Friday, Donna! Great P.F. Round-Up poem! I liked this line the best, "March them out each to their meter."

  3. What a cool PF poem, Donna!

    For my first PF post of 2014, I have an interview with Seattle-based pie poet Kate Lebo (my link goes live at 6 a.m. EST).

    Thanks so much for hosting today. Hope you're staying warm and toasty up there in Maine. :)

  4. That's such a joyous Poetry Friday invitation Donna! Thanks for hosting today!

  5. Now that is one of the liveliest Roundup Calls I've heard yet... thanks for sharing & hosting! (Can't decide on a favorite verse, but I really like "Squeeze imagistic verses out" ... )

    I've got the second in my "Haiku Student Poet of the Month" series this week - click on over and meet Stuart Duffield. :0)

  6. Oops - forgot the link:

  7. What a fabulously fun Poetry Friday poem, Donna! You've certainly put me in the mood, poetic nerd/meter lover/poem-eater that I am. ;) Thanks so much for hosting is such an amusing and lively manner.

  8. Just wonderful, Donna. Happy Poetry Friday! Love "Toss the extras in a pile
    Use them in a little while!" Thank you!

  9. I *love* your playful, inventive welcome poem, Donna! Thanks for hosting us :-)

  10. Thank you for hosting, Donna! I love your poem, especially "shuffle and snippet every line" Happy Poetry Friday :-)l

  11. Love your poem! I'm afraid my poem may need a little more polish to make it shine, but I wanted to post it today, not in 2016! Thank you for hosting today!

  12. Love your inventiveness with words.
    The rhymes are sublime.

    (when linking I made a snafu
    Can you pls. fix?
    I'd be grateful to you.)

    Jan Godown Annino

    1. I deleted your second link, as it wouldn't go anywhere. The first one seems to work fine, though I directed it to your Poetry Friday unique URL. Checked it and it works. Have a great day!

  13. Ha! and ha and ha! Most pleasing, Donna. I like "March them out each to their meter." Thank you for having us.

  14. What a warm and fun welcome! to "all inclined poetic nerds!" Thank you for the poem, and thank you for hosting today too!

  15. Thanks for the great poem, Donna, and thank you for hosting Poetry Friday today!

  16. Good morning, poets and bloggers! Happy Friday! Thank you for hosting, Donna.

  17. Hi, Donna. Thank you for hosting today and for the wonderful, welcoming poem. Sign me up as a poem-eater. That's an eating contest I'd gladly participate in.

  18. Oops, I posted my poem earlier, but forgot to put my link here! Thanks so much for hosting!

  19. Donna,
    Thank you for hosting the Poetry Friday Roundup and for posting your clever poem. Well done.
    I have a poem about a collection of Beanie Babies. I'm at

  20. Donna,
    I love your introduction and these lines:
    Lasso lines and round them up / Herd them in a measured cup

    Thanks for hosting us!

  21. Great poem, Donna! I look forward to reading all these when my visitors have gone.

  22. What lovely Poetry Friday fun!
    Thanks for hosting the poetic nerds.

  23. Enjoyed your poem as it was perfect for the event. Thanks for hosting.

  24. Love the poem. So glad to be a poet nerd.

  25. I adore your poems, and your new words for the Poeters and Poetrinas of the world! Thanks for hosting us!

  26. I enjoyed this poem greatly, thank you so much for being such a fabulous host, and having this up extra early. Love being a poem-eater.


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