A Feline Poetry Friday

This has been such a busy week.  Last Friday morning we had to put our cat down.  He was only with us 10 years, but there was nothing more we could do.  And within an hour we had found our next cat from the rescue.  On Saturday morning we picked him up.  And every day has been a blessing.  Instead of moping and crying and feeling terrible, we have reason to smile.
So today instead of rehashing here, for Poetry Friday I have put up links to two poems over at Tara's A Teaching Life.  I can't believe it, but her post is a cat post, too!  Yea!  Go there and go here to see the two poems posted, one for each cat:

Have a wonderful day... and pat a cat!


  1. So glad you have found a new feline friend to share your home with.

  2. A cat will be patted by Pat a time or ten at our den


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