Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday The Finale


It's the last day of March!  Endings...  Almost as good as beginnings...
We saw spring, at least in name, arrive.  Not much green here in Maine yet, but the sun is out longer and brighter, so the mud season is creeping upon us.  Spring will follow.  I think my favorite day of the challenge was the day (I put it all in one day, though it was a weekend) we were challenged to read 60 posts.  That is when I got to lots of new bloggers or bloggers I'd never read before.  And it was so much fun, that often I'd read back a few posts even to get more background on what had been written.  I enjoyed that day, broken up in posts of 20, so I didn't totally ignore my husband for the day!

Writing Marches On

When we began this writing thing
It wasn't yet the start of spring,
But as this month marched on and on
Slices bloomed in spring's sweet song!
For some there'd be green budding roses,
For others still just runny noses;
But either way we kept on writing,
Kept on reading, kept delighting
In the words we wrote and read
Way past the time for teachers' bed!
And now it's done, just after spring,
The SOLC challenge fling.
We wrote and read, and then did more
It's April now - what's next in store?
Don't stop writing, don't you dare,
Friends you've made still read and care!
Write each Tuesday, keep all posted
On TWT where slices are hosted - or is that toasted?

©Donna JT Smith, 2015

What a wonderful month of posting and reading.  There were so many great posts - I hope to keep tabs on lots of new friends I've discovered in this supportive community, and hope I keep hearing from some who have visited my site.  You get to feel like you know each other with these glimpses into lives and hearts.

The A-to-Z Challenge starting tomorrow.  I will be writing a Poem a day in April for Poetry Month starting with the letter A, of course! Each poem will be written to /for/about a sign I've taken a picture of.  I'm hoping they will all show up on time on demand!  I know A is ready, at least.

I'll also try to keep posted for Tuesday Slices and Poetry Jam Wednesdays!

On April 22, I'll be a guest host at Laura Shovan's Author Amok, and contributing the next to last line of the Irene Latham's Progressive Poem on April 29 - which is my grand daughter's first birthday!   It's going to be a busy, busy April! 


  1. You are so right: when we started I could not see any signs of spring, but now I do! It is definitely time to toast each other for the writing well done! Thank you for your words this month!

  2. Spring? Yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely spring day and today I woke up to 3 inches of snow! Yet, this writing challenge is over and that helps me remember that it really is spring. Love your poem!

  3. Love those 'blooming slices' - at last spring! I'm going to try a haiku every day, connected sometimes to other memes too. Will look for your A to Z. We're supporting each other with the hashtag #DigiPoetry. Are you on twitter? Want to join in?

    1. Yes, I'm on Twitter - just haven't done much with it, just the occasional tweet. Maybe it's time to use it more!

  4. What a journey this month has been. I, too, read blogs from people I hadn't read before...what I missed! I really enjoy your poems, Donna< and look forward to Tuesdays.

    1. Glad you are going to continue on Tuesdays!

  5. So many blogs, so much creativity, but some days so little time for reading and commenting. Your poems are always an inspiration. I look forward to your A-Z challenge entries.

  6. Let's raise a toast to all of us - we've earned it!

  7. Donna, I enjoyed your poem and now seeing you are getting ready for the next round of challenges. I am now trying to get Winter Whisperings in order but am running into glitches here and there. Let me know what the A-Z challenge is please?

    1. A to Z is writing something each day (except Sundays) to go with a letter of the alphabet. The writing can be any type, absolutely any theme or no theme. Just adhering to the letter of the day...so A is Wed, April 1 and Z will be on April 30. You try to visit a few others each day. Here's the link for more info http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/what-is-blogging-from-to-z.html There's a place to put your link by clicking on the top Sign up link. Lots of fun!

  8. Absolutely love your poem, especially these words: "kept on writing,
    Kept on reading, kept delighting" Hoping to dabble in a bit more poetry this April.

    1. Hope to read some of your poetry in April!

  9. Donna, your poem is perfect! Love "Slices bloomed in spring's sweet song!" Looking forward to reading the poems that bloom in April's showers.


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