At Two Writing Teachers where the Slice of Life Challenge is going strong, it's
day 24, which is...
a dozen plus a dozen...
two baker's dozen minus two...
a whole lotta' ones...
3 weeks of 8 days a week...
3 and 3/7 weeks...
half of 48...
What we've completed, leaving only 7 days remaining... 

While reading 60 blogs on Saturday, some words from "On a Thought", gave me something to think about, and a poem came out.  She did a running clinic evaluation of some sort and she found out she walks like she is dancing ("Did you know I walk like I’m dancing? My feet are the hardest to diagnose. They don’t make shoes for my kind of feet."), which I don't understand in clinical terms, just that because of this there are no shoes made for you.

The terminology was interesting and started me thinking. Though I'm sure, in a real life running clinic evaluation situation it isn't as lyrical or whimsical as it sounds.  Still, it sounded good, and a poem came out of her words.
(I found it...On a Thought...You can go there to see what I was talking about and the above quote on her page.)  It's great to visit other sites.  Sometimes your brain starts working overtime and you get a good idea hatching.  I looked and looked, but could not find your name, Mrs. Thought.  Thank you, though. 

Walk Like You Are Dancing

Walk like you are dancing...
   and friends
      will dance
   your journey
      with you.
Walk like you are unafraid
    of days dawning
    of night falling
       of thunder storms

Walk like you are dancing...
   and music
      will play
   in your heart
Walk like you are holding
     joy in your pockets
     happiness in your arms
         songs in your soul

Walk like you are dancing...
   and your feet
     will skip
   over the earth
     like song.
Walk like you are soaring
    above clouds
    across white capped waves
        amid whirling breezes

Walk like you are dancing...
  and in your dance
    find the music
      the love
        the joy
          of life

©Donna JT Smith, 2015

The word for a poem today is "Crouch" for Heidi Mordhorst's ending ch word challenge for March over at My Juicy Little Universe

Cat in the grass
Ready to pounce
On whatever it's looking at
Under that leaf
Catching it is
Half the fun, twitching is the other.

©Donna JT Smith, 2015


  1. This poem is lovely. I get so much inspiration from other blogs too. It's like getting to read other people's diaries. The snoop in me loves it! This line is my favorite: Walk like you are holding joy in your pockets.

    1. Getting to read the blogs does tie us together more like family.

  2. Donna your poem really speaks to me. I love the repetition of the line walk like you are dancing. You built a great poem around it.

  3. I hope On a Thought finds her way here to read your poem built out of her words. What a joy to dance through life.

    1. I sent her the link in a comment, but she hasn't posted today. She may not see it for a bit.

  4. When dancing through life, even with two left feet, who has time for sadness? Great inspirational poem.

    1. Yeah, who cares if you have twin feet! Just keep dancing!

  5. Hi! This is awesome. :-) I'm so glad my words could start your mind to write poetry. Thanks for the about out too! I saw this yesterday and commented, but it didn't go through. :( makes me wonder how many of my comments aren't working!


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