You Think You Want Spring?

At the request of Lynn Proctor over at "My Life as Lynn Proctor", who commented on yesterday's posted poem called "Icicled Sight", I have written a poem as she requested, but the topic of which she did not request.  She requested a spring poem, but when I tried to write one, having just read the weather forecast and looking out over all the snow - which would make it very easy to jump out a window right now (like maybe you'd want to after this winter!) and not get hurt - I ended up with another winter poem.  And as I told her, I will try again later when the weathermen stop saying, "Here, have just another little bite of snow!"

So to make the ado short, here is what I came up with on short notice under duress of more snow...speaking of which, here we are this more time...everybody sing!
Snow, snow, I love snow, I'm absolutely, positively wild about snow.  Can't go around it I gotta go through...I said EVERYBODY sing!

You Think You Want Spring?
So you think you want spring
with its goodness and light?
You think you want daffodils
and shortness of night?
Well, I hear your desire
I know of your plight,
But winter’s not over
it still has some fight.
And so in your dreams
you’ll have to make do
with visions of daffy’s
and dandy-lions, too;
For gray skies are here -
they're still not true blue -
and we will be freezing
until they are due.
No matter the shovels,
roof rakes and backaches;
We’ll just have to settle for
blossoming flakes,
The snow dunes on pathways
and ice caps on lakes;
Blizzards and snow squalls
 are what winter makes.
You think you want spring now,
so this deep freeze should go?
Sorry, but winter has
more snowballs to throw
And if not for our winter
how would we know
How precious the spring
made from melting of snow?
©Donna JT Smith, 2-18-2015

I will, I will, I a spring poem soon.
I hope.
Stay warm and dry just a little bit longer.
We can do it.
We can do it.
Want to try to sing the snow song again?


  1. As you may remember, we've had the strangest roller coaster weather here, nothing like you in the east.Today is about 60; people are roller skating, running, etc. in shorts. So traditionally our snowiest weather here on the flat (not the mts) is late Feb. & March. This weekend I'll be thinking of your 'blossoming flakes' because it's predicted to be about a foot of snow, maybe more. We do need the 'wet', but a little at a time... (We're spoiled, especially this winter!) As always, amusing, Donna!

    1. 60 degrees! Rollerskating! Shorts! Snow is going to be harsh when it comes!
      Looking forward to your Poetry Friday party tomorrow!


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