Poetry Jam - Silence


Silence is precious
But not with a child;
A mother gets nervous
Without sounds of wild
Voices and clunking
And carrying on,
For that means there’s trouble
She’ll soon come upon.
Silence is golden
But only at night
When visions of sugarplums
Replace the day’s fight
Of brother and brother
And sisters and such,
When hitting and shoving
Become sleepy-slouched touch.
Silence is rare;
Don’t take it for granted -
If you have a child,
Silence is enchanted.

©Donna JT Smith, 2015

Today's prompt at Poetry Jam is to write about Silence.


  1. Your words made me smile, especially "Silence is golden / But only at night'. I am sure numerous mothers of young children can relate to that. When they grow up but still live at home, you curse silence and wait for their footsteps to indicate that they are back and you can sleep at last.

  2. Lots of wisdom here. Silence and children are indeed a complicated mix!

  3. Ah, this made me smile. So true that when you have children around silence is very rare, but when it happens it is 'enchanted' indeed. (But, hey, I wouldn't trade the noise of children for silence.....most of the time....smiles.)

  4. i had a friend who wrote today of getting to sleep in that first time after having a child...and i told her that it was one of those scary moments for me because i woke wondering what was wrong...why did the baby sleep through the night...ha...and my oldest is 12...i realize i only have a few short year to another silence...

  5. Love the sprinkles of humor in every line...lovely :)

  6. ah yes silence and children, you want the silence but you have to be cautious and monitor mischief; nice write, thanks for dropping by to read mine

    much love...

  7. … yes, with a younger child it often means they are into something. Cute poem.

  8. Children really make you appreciate silence and that can be scary, well captured and penned.

  9. loved the humor here..kids make you appreciate silence indeed..

  10. haha!! true!! silence with children is the lull before the storm!! :)
    but nothing can warm the heart than giggles of toddlers!!!

  11. So beautiful... Silence takes a whole new meaning with kids...
    I repeat myself, so beautiful... took me back to when my kids were always there with me...

  12. I too read this with a smile. It's been awhile since our son was little; he's 42 now with a wife and son of his own. Ahh, time passes quickly.

  13. So very true Donna...what a clever and sweet poem!

  14. OH so true so true and sometimes this grandmother needs to be younger lol If it is quiet I better find out why quickly!

  15. Ohhh so true...In a maddening pace, I run towards the crib, uneasy of the silence. I lift my kid, hold him tight, and cry out loud....please don't be silent, it kills.......Wonderful rendition !!!!

  16. Yes... agreed silence is wonderful in small doses. As is chatter and noise and songs for that matter :-)
    Nice one, Donna!


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