Friday, February 20, 2015

Sound Poem Day 20

This is a submission to Author Amok's 2015 poem-a-day sounds project.  Here are the guidelines for participating. 
For Day 20, the prompt was write to the sound of the reptile you chose.  My choice: The Common Garter Snake - which is plentiful in Maine.
Common Garter Snake -- Thamnophis sirtalis

S s
     ss            i i
         s s    i i       l         l  
             i i            e    t     y

I crawl to be
        over rocks
             and under tree
                  and then I stop
    and all you heard
        was the
           crinkly word
                  of a leaf
                       I crossed or a
               crossing bee.
        you won’t


  1. Hi, Donna! I'm glad I'm not the only one who wrote about a snake for Day 20 (pick your reptile day). I'll include your poem in the post and will do my best with the formatting. Thanks for dropping in and contributing to the project.


    1. Thanks, Laura! I just saw it - just right! Thanks for letting me in on the last few days of your Sound Project.

  2. Killer last line! Great job. SSSssooo snakelike.

    1. There's nothing like almost (or actually) stepping on (sometimes barefoot!) a slithering garter snake making a quick getaway. They blend in so well, and don't give you any warning that they are there. No poisonous snakes or insects in Maine, worries there, at least!

  3. Snakes are dangerous ... and you make them sound all the more :-D


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