March Madness Poetry 2015 Soon

Linking to Slice of Life Tuesday - and putting out a call for teachers to get their students excited about poetry by registering and participating in March Madness 2015!

Ed DeCaria at Think, Kid Think is starting the March Madness poetry writing tournament beginning on March 8. Click on the link to go there to learn more about it and see who's in it this year (I made it!).  That's the day the poets in the line-up will receive their unique word and write a kid's poem that includes that word.  The first voting round will be on March 12, when poetry lovers of all ages and registered classrooms will be able to vote on their favorite poems.  The winners of each round will go on to compete until on April 2 there is one poet left standing.

I will at least be competing in the first round!  Yea!  Maybe I'll move on to the next round - that would be exciting!

Hope you will consider joining in on the reading and voting.  It is going to be a fun month!
Who knows...maybe spring will show up in the middle of it!
Heh, heh, heh....that was kind of funny...
Welcome back to school - returning to school after Feb. Break yesterday
We are so far under snow, we might as well keep our skis and snowshoes on until next Christmas.  This may be the summer of the snowpants.

I always wear a nice warm hat
atop my freezing head;
Winter's not the only time
I've come to really dread.
In Maine we never can rely
on days for bathing suits -
I wear my snowpants in July,
in August don warm boots.
Though summer days are longer
It would be finer fun
if we could shed these longjohns
And get warmth from the sun.
Perhaps before the snow flies
this batch will melt and go,
And we will make sand castles
instead of forts of snow.


  1. I am competing too! OMG! What made me do this? Glad you'll be in there with me.

    1. I know, I know!! It's a crazy time of year...might as well make it crazier! I was happy to see a "familiar face", too.

  2. Will watch for you, Donna, & now I see for Margaret, too. I didn't go for it this year, too much going on, but congratulations to you! Love that Summer of the Snowpants! Unfortunately it seems appropriate!

    1. Not only Margaret, but Buffy is in it, too! I think my knees are shaking...

  3. Let's hope for a wonderful turn out - and thanks for your help, Donna!

  4. Good luck with the poetry competition. I'm always amazed at the poems you create.


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