Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Revisiting the A to Z Challenge

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2012 from Donna Smith on Vimeo.
The challenge went from A
to Z
I wrote until the hours
were wee
The days were fun and full
of glee
I’d written most in March
you see

So days could just be used
to read
I had no fires and flames
to feed
And I could sleep when e’er
I’d need
And follow blogs where e’er
they’d lead

I met great people of
the blog
Writing about master’s
wee dog
Or how they're lost in some
blog fog
And sitting in a cabin 
of log 

Some wrote their fiction with
a twist
Or ordered the towns in
a list
Then exercises meant 
for brains
Or blogs of cars or of
great danes.

Not all finished every
Others got their feet much
Some days could have been much
But I am not a sad
I wrote about every
Year two should be even

Suggestion:  Next year, maybe have tags for posts, or categories or headings, so we can bop around more easily to the ones we might have more interest in.  I still have a varied interest, but I'd like to know what is out there.  Food?  Pets?  Flash Fiction? Fantasy? Poetry?  Diary Logs?  Book Reviews?  Music? Etc.  I might visit all of these areas, but I'd like to have a clue before I go there.
It was a fun ride.  I had done most all the prep beforehand, but added extra poetry and links some days in April.  Because I had scheduled my posts, I could read more blogs each day, at least until I felt guilty that I hadn't done something else with my time and it was 3 pm.  Laundry won't do itself, you know!  And meals degenerated to chips and orange juice...
I threw out the 5 blogs after yours suggestion, as some weren't really participating, and some weren't really ones I wanted to follow.  So I started skipping around, looking for interesting blog titles - things that appeared to be something I might be interested in.
I had hoped to gain more followers, but I was pleased with the gains I made.  I started with 9 and ended with 51.  So that was pretty decent!  Not the 100 goal set, but still many more than I started with.
So I'm leveling off blog-wise for a bit, and then I'll get going again.  I had lots of encouragement to try to publish my poetry, so it seems that I should go for it.  I'd like some more original, non-blogged stuff though, so I guess I'd best get busy!


  1. Visiting from A/Z post challenge reflections. What a very clever way to sum up your experience with A/Z. Very cute poem! I'm thinking it was a great time and I am in awe you had your posts written before the challenge even began!!! WTG!


    1. Yea! Got permission to use this song with a movie of my Tagxedos that were done for my poems.

  2. Very fun, Donna. I loved each day's offering from you & kind of thought what topic I might write about before looking at your post. You wrote so many wonderful poems in April! Hope you've figured out how to publish them!

    1. Thanks, Linda. It was a fun month of poems, now to concentrate on compiling them and redoing pictures, so I won't have a copyright problem!

  3. I thought your posts were absolutely brilliant and I featured your A to Z blog on my "best of" summary. Thanks for all the inspiration. Your creativity astounds me!

    1. Thanks, Julie. I appreciate the mention in your "best of" summary! It was a fun month.

  4. haha clever a-z poem!!! i agree with your great suggestions!

    1. What will we do next year??? Best start thinking about it now, huh?

  5. Loved your poem and especially how you added the links within. Very creative!

  6. Hi Donna, I love how your mind works and am glad to have found your blog, your offerings were so imaginative and witty, it was and is a pleasure to read your work, take care and happy mom's day!

  7. Mine is a new blog. I went from one follower to 30 or so after A to Z. Now I have 50. What's important is that the ones I'm getting now have a genuine interest in the theme of my blog. My goal is to look for readers that love monsters, and A to Z got me off and running!

    Congrats on completing A to Z!

    Precious Monsters

  8. Congratulation on finishing the challenge. During the challenge I didn't visit as many blogs as I would like to but, cross my heart, I'm visiting every single one with the reflection post (and I'm almost done)! I am so glad my journey brought me here.

    Evalina, This and that...

    1. Thanks for following! I've got to get back and check out the rest of the A to Z also! There were so many good blogs that I never got to read. But that's a smart move, to go to the ones on the reflection post list. That would cut down a bit and you know you are hitting ones that finished the course. Good idea!


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