Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday!

It's my daughter's birthday today!  Yea!  And she is home for a bit visiting with her baby, so I get the presents!  Ha!  The joke is on her!

Somewhere in time
On this day in May
A daughter was
Born to me
And she is
As sweet as,
And as kind as,
And as beautiful as...
Nothing I can think of;
All compare to her.
Honey is as sweet as she,
Angels are as kind as she,
Her child is
As beautiful as she.

© 2012, Donna JT Smith

I could be prejudiced, but I'm trying to be objective here...really!


  1. It cannot be more delightful than to have one's granddaughter home for her mother's birthday! (I hope I got that right!) Thanks for sharing such a beautiful sentiment. Every parent should know this & feel this way, Donna.


    1. Almost right! Grandson. But it is very special. I used her first birthday candle on her cake For both of our kids we had an ornamental animal candle for the first birthday so her cake had a gray kitten on it as her first birthday as a mom!

  2. Just lovely...and what a wonderful treat for you to have daughter and grand daughter together to celebrate. Hugs and love all around, no doubt!

    1. A very special day for a first time mom and grandmother!

  3. never be objective when it comes to children!


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